Ley it on the Line!

So one of my favourite cycles in MtG are a bunch of enchantments. They all cost four, and they all look like this:






Gatherer page: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?name=+[Leyline]

The leyline enchantments are among the most iconic, due to their unique ability of starting on the battlefield if they were in your opening hand. Cards like Leyline of Sanctity and Leyline of the Void are sideboard staples in several competitive decks (some versions of Bogles even play Sanctity in the main).

My challenge to you is to make a leyline card. The usual rules apply, but here are some specifics:

1. The card must be an enchantment
2. The card must cost 4 mana (and preferably should be {2}{Colour}{Colour})
3. The card must have the leyline property (starts on the battlefield if in opening hand)
4. Monocoloured cards are preferred (although if you have a really good multicolour design, then go ahead, impress me)
5. With leylines, simpler the better. These tend to do very functional things as opposed to being flashy.

Entries are limited to 5 per person (it would be cool if you could come up with a full cycle). A small note: leyline art is quite difficult to come by online. So, I won't scrutinize the art as closely as I would for a different contest (it still matters though). Cards will be judged based on templating, wording, flavour, imagination, and usefulness.

1st place: 5 favourites
2nd place: 3 favourites
3rd place: 2 favourite
HM: 1 favourite

Deadline is on March 1 11:59 PM IST.

So get going, folks! Lets study the ley of the land!


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