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Yes, my profile picture is a nerdy angel playing on a Nintendo Switch, with a mess of food and drink containers around him. Talk about playing on the cloud...


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  • Yes, my profile picture is a nerdy angel playing on a Nintendo Switch, with a mess of food and drink containers around him.

    Talk about playing on the cloud...
    December 1
  • Reizon
    November 21
    • Ranshi
      You're welcome!
    • Reizon
      It'd be easy to join, you just need an Eldraine-based walker. One law: I decide when players get new lands, so as to fit the theme.
  • Lost...
    October 11
  • Two days until my birthday... I am kinda hype just because, but it feels... empty; like an obligation...

    Has anyone felt like that before? Any idea why that's the case?
    September 20
  • Academic routine achieved. Archscholar in progress.
    September 17
  • I continue to be the only person to ask for the ban hammer. Aren't I great?
    September 12
  • I just got my driver’s license!!!
    August 19
  • I would like to express my condolences for the families affected by the atrocities last night on behalf of our community.
    August 4
  • U L L O O B A N A A N A
    June 8
  • Some ****ing rednecks just slammed into my friend’s parents’ car. They’re claiming that his mom pulled into them when they barreled down out of nowhere. It pisses me off.
    June 7
  • Guys, I am going on a psuedo-hiatus. I am going to still comment on the forums and still make some cards but at a very slow rate. I am going and editing my old cards. I want to be able to reflect on my ideas of the past and how they influenced me today. It also is going to be nice to have some of my old cards to be viable to use in custom things.
    May 26
  • It’s time for my last final!

    My brother gets out for the summer almost a month after me so he assigned me homework. I am to finish or scrap my dozens of side projects.
    May 24
  • My head... it ****n’ hurts right now. I just finished the a 5 hour standardized test for AP English. The last essay of it was the icing on my headache cake. I’m not legally allowed to talk about what it was about but I’m gonna say that it was weird, meta, and dense as a neutron star.
    May 15
    • EnvyReaper
      Well that is nice, I have a community outreach project due in like 1 week and I still haven't really done anything
    • Ranshi
      Are you telling me this because you want my help?
  • My tennis coach is producing a podcast starring me and my friend and doubles partner. This’ll be fun!
    April 26
    • Project1734
      Cool, how do I listen?
    • Ranshi
      When it gets produced, I will be posting a link to where it can be listened to.
    • TezzeretofCarmot21
      Pretty cool. Send links when you get on!
    • Ranshi
      Yeah... not happening this year. We are in the last two weeks of school and I haven't gotten a single game since that post...
  • I might be getting a podcast.
    April 25
  • SAT's my guys!!! If you read this, please comment on it wishing me 1600. It's always after the test that the anxiety kicks in and some reassurance is helpful. (Wish me luck!)
    April 23
  • Tomorrow I am taking the ACT. Wish me luck and a 36!!!
    April 2
  • April Fools!
    April 1
  • I don’t know why, but every time I am unable to make cards by technology or time restrictions, I have an amazing idea, but forget it half way through writing it down if I even remember it by that point. It’s genuinely frustrating and one of those things that make me wish I had a waterproof laptop in the shower or something. (On second thought that’d be a bad idea.)
    March 31
  • EnvyReaper
    Sorry Ranshi, I managed to steal away your vie for second place in the Mechanix contest
    March 18
  • SAT Time! Wish me luck!
    March 9
  • There are officially MTG Cardsmith fanboys out there. I'm surprised too...
    February 26
  • Why do I do this to myself? I am currently juggling the creation of 3 commander decks, 2 standard decks, and a modern deck. On top of that I am doing the custom commander thing. (And starting tomorrow I have weeks of work ahead of me...) :(
    February 24
  • EnvyReaper
    I saw you go and use my symbol, how do you like it?
    February 21
  • Time to write 12 or more paragraphs for my science trimester exam... I'd like to point out I didn't have to write as much for my AP English test earlier today... *smacks head into table*
    February 19
  • Dom_Rocks
    Ey, Ranshi, you want to MTGArena, here's mine if your down, just let me know.

    February 13
    • Ranshi
      I can’t. I have a crappy chromebook that can’t run shit.
    • Mantis17
  • Finally have something to work on! I am enjoying my time.
    January 30
  • For anyone wondering why I have been so fleeting as of late:
    I had a creative block for a while leading up to my most recent card, now I am missing my hoard of artwork and concepts.
    January 8
  • You haven't know real tedium until you have spent an entire 6+ hours trying to decipher dense Latin poetry armed with nothing but an out of date Latin dictionary and at least one million distractions. That is what my day is going to be -- me, Cicero, and a million distractions.
    December 2018
  • People who can’t do basic math should NOT be cashiers. I spent 20 minutes in line at a GameStop waiting for an employee to count out two customers’ change... I nearly got left behind...
    December 2018
    • sorinjace
      But... that would just make too much sense man!
    • Ranshi
      Yep.... :(
    • mlg20555
    • TezzeretofCarmot21
      Heh, yeah, I can relate. I was stuck at a Target for half an hour.