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I wish people wouldn't write on my wall unless it was a specific reply to something I wrote...


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  • sorinjace
    You have been chosen, grand cardsmith, for the summer cartoons challenge playoffs! You have until september 10th to confirm your entry into this challenge. To confirm, just simply send me a private message back stating that you are in the playoffs. All details will be explained at the beginning of the playoffs on the contest itself to everyone involved. The playoffs wont start until I have a sufficient amount of cardsmiths to participate. IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND BY SEPTEMBER 10TH, YOUR OFFER EXPIRES AND WILL BE CONSIDERED NULL AND VOID. This is to ensure the contest continues as scheduled so it will be completed by the end of September. This message is going out to everyone hand picked to join the playoffs.

    Thank you for your hard work and participation in this contest all summer! -sj :)
    September 5
  • I wish people wouldn't write on my wall unless it was a specific reply to something I wrote...
    April 28
  • sorinjace
  • FEATURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    March 22
  • sorinjace
    This is just a friendly reminder, my two contests, "The Owls Are Gathering" and "Deliver Me Slivers" contests come to an end 3-05-18 8pm usa eastern standard time. If you have time and may want to come up with an entry, feel free to do so. Thanks for your interest! If you have already, thank you for your submission and good luck!
    March 4
    • KrampisZman
      Sorry, I just don't have any ideas for either of those...
  • sorinjace
    just a friendly reminder that the 'Paragons of mtgcardsmith' contest ends tomorrow, it'd be cool to see you submit an entry. It ends 8pm est USA.
    February 21
  • sorinjace
    Hey I made a card of you for the 'make your favorite cardsmith' contest. I hope you enjoy it! I thought the idea fit your current Porg fever lol.
    January 25
  • sorinjace
    KrampisZman, if your interested i have a contest thats coming to a close by the end of this month for cardsmiths' take on already existing planeswalkers. The catch really is to come up with artwork of planeswalkers not having been used on actual magic the gathering cards. The abilities of the loyalty counters are all to your discretion. It'd be fun to see what you come up with, I enjoyed your porg contest and look forward to making more cards for future contests for you! (ps my names corey, on here im sorinjace, my friend john im sure hed want to say hi hes dechujoh64 hes a good friend of mine). well hope to hear from you. take care and good cardsmithing!
    January 25
  • Krampiszman decided to declare to the world that he has an undying love of Bidoof. Most of you already knew that.
    September 2017