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  • My name has changed
    December 2018
    • Corwinnn
      It's about time!
  • I have returned
    November 2018
  • just changed my thumbnail, FFDP's most recent album uses an edited version of my old photo I found on zedge. it's not my most favorite band as their music just feels mediocre to me, but you have to respect anyone who plays heavy metal.

    also just saw Solo: a Star Wars story. good movie, feel free to discuss it.
    June 2018
  • just watched Infinity war, great movie. feel free to discuss it.
    May 2018
  • I haven't been very active on cardsmith since last year. I plan on getting back into it, epecially in may. I should also join other people's contests more often for I spend a little too much time making my own. have fun making cards and may the force be with you.

    who's seeing infinity war? BTW, (no spoils!)

    April 2018
    • Lastjustice
      I can't believe they killed Superman!............Back in 1993, in the story Death of superman...I probably should have seen that coming with that title. Hind sight is 20/20.

      No actual Spoilers for Infinity War. I'd never do that, despite being fairly savy to what to expect I still managed to get a few surprises I didn't see coming.

      If you're like I wanna go see it, but don't care marathon all the movies , my short list would be for it would be. Civil War, Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. If nothing else those might be good to see as a refresher before hand. Other wise as always stay till the end of the credits.
  • sorinjace
    Cool avatar BTW ;)
    April 2018
  • sorinjace
    What's been up? Haven't seen or heard from you since the Christmas contest, one of my 1st interactions/contests I partaked in on the forums here! Hope you are doing well. I'll post an entry asap to your contest, I've been busy with my own contests. I got another one in mind here yet again soon too, I'll unveil it later. Stop by if you are interested it's called Cards of MtgCardsmiths: The Saga Continues and my newer one Sorinjace's 10th contest **Circuit Challenge**.
    April 2018