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  • Jazzie
    hey you are the guy who commented on my Jul Ren, Resolute Warlock. You my friend are a cool person
    September 8
  • We have decided we will be taking a leave from cardsmithing and the forums for a while due to personal difficulties resulting in artblock.

    Hopefully this leave will be temporary and help us re-affirm ourselves in healthier habits.

    (If we aren't on within the next two or so months, something must've regretfully happened and we wish everyone happy smithing!)
    August 20
  • Draft effects contest has been judged.
    July 20
  • Will be finishing judging the Draft Effects contest soon. I apologize for the delay as we were in bad health and fixing out sleep habits.

    We plan to be more active as of the judging period for the Pauper Corn contest. So thank you all for the patience! :)
    July 19
  • Just catching up on sleep, so we'll be performing further updates tomorrow once we're on par.
    July 17
  • Snickles
    Just a heads up, I ended up deleting and re-uploading my entries for the contest.
    July 4
  • brcien
    I looked through a few pages of your cards. You two are very Black heavy designers (Looking through my designs they are very white with a splash of red). Black is very nebulous for me so I don't understand how the heck to design for it. That being said, I would appreciate when Fabacin starts, if you make so flashy black cards. You can of course decline for any reason, but I would appreciate it!
    June 30
  • Cool, thanks for voting! :)
    June 21
  • brcien

    Thunderstruck by Mila
    Dawning Revelation by Gelectrode
    Hall of Accords by CMDConspiracy
    June 21