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  • Done babysitting!
    March 4
  • Changed the due date and judging dates for the Justice vs. Cultists contest!

    Due Date: February 21, 2017; Judging Date: February 24, 2017;
    February 12
  • Hope everyone joins the contest! Axolotl :)
    February 3
  • Hello everyone, I'm starting a contest today for anyone that is interested.
    In this contest there will be two teams, each with different themes. Anyone can participate in either (or both!) of the teams without requiring sign up. (Cards are judged individually!)

    Prizes for the winning contestants
    For each of the teams the following will be given to the top cards’ creators at the end of the contest. (A player can only win one prize – In this case the lower the prize(s) will go to the next top card of its team.)
    1st place: 3 favourites of their choice & 1 month of premium subscription.
    2nd place: 2 favourites of their choice & 1 month of premium subscription.
    3rd place: 1 favourite of their choice & 1 month of premium subscription.

    Due Date and Results:
    The Contest begins immediately and the entries will be closed as of February 24, 2017 for judging. Contest results will be posted by March 1, 2017.
    February 3
  • Currently testing new versions of account avatars! :) (Original feels better though so far.)
    February 3
  • Angry_Potatoes
    January 26
  • BraveJRL
    what does "Card Image" mean?
    January 20
  • This is for newer users who are irritated by html!

    If you do it as shown below you don't have to worry about resizing the image each time by switching "full" and "thumbs"

    <a href="Card Page"><img src="Card Image" width="30%"></img></a>

    To do side by side the following can be done... (Repetition)
    <a href="Card Page"><img src="Card Image" width="30%"></img></a><a href="Card Page"><img src="Card Image" width="30%"></img></a>

    Card Page example:
    Card Image example:

    By right clicking on your card image you can select "copy link address".

    Full refers to the following for those confused by the reference...

    This is for everyone's quick reference, hope this is helpful!
    January 19
  • Most of my activity is in contests or on other peoples' uploads...
    So if you have any private messages send them through the button above!

    Axolotl! :)
    January 5