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  • Creeper333_
  • cadstar369
    *poke* Since you were one of the winners of my Confluential Choices Challenge, I want to give you an Esoterica. But since they're custom for each person, would you mind telling me a bit about how you play Magic?
    January 2016
  • ChaseTheHuman
    Abuse able.....dam spell correct.
    December 2015
  • ChaseTheHuman
    I like all 3 but extract is to cheap a cost, 2 -1/-1s for 2 cards....maybe if you pay health and short make the cost less advisable combo wise.
    December 2015
  • llamalord44
    I made my own version of Gelectrimagnus!
    December 2015
  • mtgcardsmith
    We've actually got a counter on the homepage for the TOTAL cards ever made on the site. We're closing in on 500,000 pretty fast. We've expired close to half that number over time to keep server space open for more new cards and ideas.
    November 2015
  • Animist

    Thanks again for the challenge - really had a blast making those entries.

    As for which 5 cards to favourite, I think it'd be great if you choose whichever ones you want. I haven't made that many yet so, if it's okay, please feel free to take a look through and pick your 5 best!
    September 2015
    • Animist
      And thanks for selecting Sadaar as the winner! Really glad you liked the card. Was not expecting to win so it's such an awesome surprise!! :) Thanks again.
  • Tomigon
    Thanks for hosting "Doom to ye all!" contest!
    I'm so happy that I made 3rd place!
    July 2015