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  • sorinjace
    I never got a chance before to say hi as you have been off here for some time, but I do like your work. I love cards that win games in rather than normal situations, and many of your cards do that. I just gave you a follow and a butt load of favorites I feel for as long as you had been on the site that you deserve way more favorites than you got, I know they are for fun/show/etc. but it's my way of showing you recognition for your work. Did you come up with Decay? I would like to credit the creator the ability as I would like to take a stab at the ability, if it was you, do you mind? Also, I have added quite a few of your cards to my set/folders of favorite creature types of mine. Hope to hear back from you, my names corey but everyone calls me on here by my username, sorinjace. If you get any free time, i could use some constructive criticism on my cards any favorites and/or a follow is appreciated. You look like you know what you are doing for real from your cards man.
    June 2018
    • cadstar369
      I'm glad you find value in the cards I make, and I would love to look at yours. I didn't come up with Decay myself, but I also can't find the original creator, possibly because they renamed the ability. (There's a few different Decay abilities floating around.) Regardless, I'm sure they would be glad to see someone else using the mechanic.