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  • sorinjace
    do we have to make 5 dinosaurs and then each one at a different mana cost? im not sure if i want to make that many dinosaurs and at that many different mana costs per dinosaur. In the past i made dinosaurs and only 1 of my dinosaur cards was recieved well by other cardsmiths, so i fell off making dinosaur cards. im a bit unsure to be honest, dinosaurs i am 'ok' with, i even have a commander edh deck that is tribal dinosaurs, but im not so sure if i want to make 5 dinosaurs just yet, idk. but i dont want to miss out on your contest either. im stumped on this one as far as what i want to do.
    July 1
    • WickedShadow196
      You have to make 1 dinosaur for each of the mana costs.
  • sorinjace
    Can you please check out my new contest savor the flavor text no ones dropped anything in it yet. Im going to nake entries for your dinosaur contest we can help each others contests stay afloat if we make submissions to each others contests. Thanks man!
    June 29
  • Scott_Anderson
    Hi! The contests are open to anyone. Visit the thread where the contest is being held, see what the rules are, ask any questions (dumb ones are OK!) and then make up a card.

    If you want to post a card with a picture in the link, use this code:


    Card Page is the web page of the card.
    Card image: right-click on the card and copy IMAGE

    To do side by side the following can be done... (Repetition - Use different cards for each.)

    image image

    To do multiple rows just start writing a new line... (Separate Lines - Use different cards for each.)



    I wrote all that down so I don't have to remember it.
    June 7
    • Scott_Anderson
      oops, it didn't work. Let me get you a link.