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  • TrippleBoggey3
    Welcome back! (You probably don't remember me.)
    January 6
    • Animist
      Welcome back to you too. Yes, I remember you!
  • littledemon
    how do you make such imaginative and awesoem cards howw??! my cards all suck
    August 2016
  • Futbol
    Hi! I was wondering, and since I cannot make very unique cards, (most of my ideas have been sparked by other cardsmiths), if you could offer me some help. However, I came to ask you the question because it seems as though you almost have had every card of yours favorited and liked, and I am a huge fan of them! In the world of Mtgcardsmith, it seems as though you are so AWESOME! I could never be like you with my cards, so that is why I came to you for advice, which brings us down to our question.
    So, I was wondering, (probably people have asked you this trillions of times) on how you come up with such fantastic cards. I saw what you wrote to @Gelectrode, but since I am only 11 years old, I could not fully feel satisfied until I saw my card in the featured card section, which I have not yet, due to my unsatisfactory card-making skills. Also, could I use some of your sublime abilities that you have created on your cards? I will credit you on them, but if not, it's totally fine. Thanks!!!
    May 2016
    • Animist

      Thanks for your kind message. Glad you like the cards. Of course you can use those abilities.

      I don't think your skills are unsatisfactory. Stutterbolt for example is a really cool card.

      I'm not sure I can answer your question. It's just about being inspired by art or by a contest and thinking of something cool around that. Very importantly, it's also about comparing my cards with real Magic cards to get a good idea of how WotC does things and how to balance things. The most important tool when making a magic card is the Gatherer database ( I also make sure I listen to feedback from other cardsmiths. Hope that helps.

      If you want to talk about particular cards etc feel free to private message me.
    • Futbol

      Cool, and thanks a lot!!
  • ChaseTheHuman
    Also I like how you pick keyword names that you never want to use for any other ability...keep up the good work.
    December 2015
  • ChaseTheHuman
    Animist you need to have more sets that sort card before there's to many.
    Have ones like( Keyword abilitys I made up) (Duel Commander Only)
    (Commander)... Duel commander is all I'll play in real life.
    December 2015
  • Gelectrode
    Animist, how do you create your cards? Since your cards are flat out awesome and I have been gathering advice, I would like to know how you make your cards. Do you have a strategy? Or do you come up with them spontaneously (like me)?
    October 2015
    • Animist
      Woah, this feels weird. I'm not that good!

      I guess challenges help stimulate an idea or a set of parameters and I think of something fun to fit those parameters or something that I wish WotC would print. Also, whenever I look for art I usually find a whole bunch of awesome art that I think would be good for something else and that usually gives me an idea for a character or a story or something. Couldn't say I have a 'strategy' per se. Once I've got an idea the most difficult thing for me is balancing, and that usually means looking up similar cards, seeing what WotC has done, etc. Nothing special really. Dunno if that helps.