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  • sorinjace
    Hey East2West, i'm having fun on here, it's people like you that make this a fun site to be a part of. Thank you for your creativity, don't worry about cardsmith's making comments like phelgming, favorite what you like! (not that you are worried, that individual posts a lot of comments that I think are helpful in becoming better cardsmiths, but sometimes the comments are a bit harsh like the one he put in your fruit dragons discussion about the 'same group of cardsmiths'....) well hope to hear from ya! -sorinjace
    January 29
  • sorinjace
    your card was cool on the entry for the price of carddom contest, i was wondering if you want to take a stab at the planeswalkers contest i have set up? (it ends by the end of this month) they have to be already existing planeswalkers and the art must be art not used on already existing magic the gathering cards. the loyalty abilities can be whatever you want to create. best artwork has best chance of winning, so hope to see you join as you have cool cards from what i've seen thus far. well thanks for your time! -sorinjace
    January 25

    Hey I'm working on a fake cube. Could some of ya'll give me some feedback on the cards in it so far? What's overpowered, what you like, what you don't. Thanks in advance
    January 3