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  • Reizon
    Jungle would be a new form of manna. An advanced one. Imagine combining forest and island together...

    Advanced suffers no penalties from merging.
    Advanced gains a prime bonus to it's main aspects...

    Jungle... means living on the wild side.

    React to THIS rpg if you seek advanced lands, they are the catalyst for them.
    November 2019
    • Ranshi
      It'd be a new form of land and not mana. Besides, I don't believe that a forum page would be the best place to produce your "RPG"s.
  • Credius
    Hey FLV (using abbreviation due to length of name, lol) in Rashura, might I suggest you try using the jump start mechanic sometimes, I feel it might actually fit your character super well. xD
    November 2019
  • sorinjace
    You have been chosen, grand cardsmith, for the summer cartoons challenge playoffs! You have until september 10th to confirm your entry into this challenge. To confirm, just simply send me a private message back stating that you are in the playoffs. All details will be explained at the beginning of the playoffs on the contest itself to everyone involved. The playoffs wont start until I have a sufficient amount of cardsmiths to participate. IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND BY SEPTEMBER 10TH, YOUR OFFER EXPIRES AND WILL BE CONSIDERED NULL AND VOID. This is to ensure the contest continues as scheduled so it will be completed by the end of September. This message is going out to everyone hand picked to join the playoffs.

    Thank you for your hard work and participation in this contest all summer! -sj :)
    September 2018
  • sorinjace
    Hey congrats on the feature man!
    July 2018
  • sorinjace
    Hey whats up? Didnt know it was you until i saw your disqus. Howve you been?
    June 2018
  • jpastor
    You get yesterday's daily prize in Circuit Challenge.

    Using the link provided, find my most recent post with the long list of numbered prizes. Pick one that doesn't have a question mark by it, you get that prize.

    May 2018
  • Ranshi
    Hello there!
    May 2018
  • Welcome Aboard!
    May 2018