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  • Ranshi922
    You spelled Cerberus wrong...
    April 21
  • sorinjace
    Hey I'm gonna go browse your cards favor some cards of yours I like can you favor any of mine you like if you get time to check them out? Thanks! I like that card you made of mila.
    April 7
    • Lastjustice
      Oh I look thru your cards, you just can't tell because they don't have a anti-favorite option hehe... I kid kid.
  • sorinjace
    just a friendly reminder that the 'Paragons of mtgcardsmith' contest ends tomorrow, it'd be cool to see you submit an entry. It ends 8pm est USA.
    February 21
    • Lastjustice
      Sorry was MIA for a bit. Work and life kept me far too busy. I owe my prescence in another contest in the future make up for it.
  • sorinjace
    lastjustice i know this is a shameless plug as well, but i saw your comment in the demonic takeover discussion, so i was going to ask the same of you if you would like to submit some cool entries to the planeswalkers discussion/contest i started. i am submitting to yours as well as we speak, this is a different and cool idea you got and i do enjoy your cards!! thanks for your time, corey (known as sorinjace on here)
    January 8