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  • Teacup
    Wait, are you leaving MtGCardsmith? That's sad :(
    Thanks for all nice comments you gave to us. I hope you come back soon!
    June 26
  • sorinjace
    Go cash in your toon credit Scott! I tagged you in the forums on the contest, so you should be able to see what I am sending you a message about. we are on to week 3, and Mushmouth starts the party. That is an awesome choice for Fat Albert. If you make anymore, It'd be cool to see a Fat Albert card (eh, im 'basic' what can I say.)
    June 19
  • sorinjace
    Please pick 3 from the 7 you requested in the cartoon contest you want the most. The remaining 4 will be in the playoffs in september.
    June 13
  • sorinjace
    I made a corwinnn card hope he likes it. I had trouble with the wordiness of the card but it was fun to make. Any feedback would help make the card better. Thanks scott!
    June 11
  • WickedShadow196
    I have a question. How does this contest thing work and how do I enter, then post an entry?
    June 7
  • sorinjace
    Updated the rules/options to favorite creatures challenge that was your influence to update it, thanks for checking the contest out! I made sure goblins where on board for ya. :)
    May 13
  • sorinjace
    Check out the updates to Force of Destiny, I took your pointers and then did more with those pointers, and realized it came out really really really powerful. I HAD to change the card to mythic. You will see what I mean, just imagine 4 of them in your hand in a standard game, good lord!
    May 3
  • sorinjace