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Virtual cupcakes here, and I got a lot of them!


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  • Virtual cupcakes here, and I got a lot of them!
    October 18
  • Going AFK for three days.
    October 15
  • Anyone on this site plays Fortnite, friend me @ TezzeretofCarmot. I play on Switch, no voice chat.
    October 13
  • *quietly gets better at pauper*
    October 13
  • Guilds of Ravnica... yeeeeaaaah!
    September 23
  • It's been 1 year since I joined! Woo hoo!
    (I'm not making a contest because tbh I have no good contest ideas.)
    August 23
  • My notifications just went BANG.
    June 4
  • I’m Golgari now.
    May 23
  • I am guild-undefined for Return to Return to Ravnica. Somebody recruit me quick!
    At the RIX prerelease I cracked a RTR pack and got - bada-bing - Deathrite Shaman. Ravnica is my favorite plane as a whole, and this'll be my first time on it. I am HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYY.
    Also, I cracked a Karn yesterday. Anyone willing to trade? I need a few more Winding Constrictors for my Explore deck, and I don't have use for a Karn right now.
    May 19
  • I just showed one of my school friends the Battlebond spoilers - Pir, Imaginative Rascal and Toothy, Imaginary Friend. He's Indian and bears a resemblance to Pir, while I have a bunch of teeth coming out and about eighteen coming in, so I'm Toothy.
    Now we know what to slam in our Battlebond drafts.
    May 18
    May 18
  • sorinjace
    I'm remaking you a card hopefully you will like it.
    May 17
  • sorinjace
    Thank you for the card you made for me and the kind words! I was wondering if you was going to enter it into the cards of my cardsmiths contest.
    May 13
  • Okay.
    I will be on MTGCS forums a lot less, but I will still be making cards.
    May 5
  • sorinjace
  • I wish Wizards did a Duel Decks Hounds vs Cats. Or they did Hound tribal. They’ve done Squirrels, Cats and Pirates. Why not Hounds?
    April 16
  • HeWhoHasCake
    OK, cool. I'm pretty new to this but I've spent many hours wandering through the gatherer... could be interesting. I was thinking about a mechanic where you place an aura on one of your opponent's creatures and then when it dies you get a reward. Could be called "Bounty" or "Mark" or something, reading as "Enchant creature you don't control. When enchanted permanent leaves the battlefield, do X".
    April 14
  • I feel I need a project to follow through on, as I am notoriously bad at following through on them xD I’m working right now on my Polynesian set La’akea, if any lost traveler who was misguided enough to find my page is interested :P
    April 9
  • ningyounk is a visionary genius. I am honored to work with him on Rezatta.
    April 8
  • sorinjace
    made you into a card, hope you like it! I tried to make it like the profane command and cryptic command but blended and for the style of Tezzeret
    March 24
  • sorinjace
    hopefully some more people will stop by to make submissions to your contest, I just saw it for the first time yesterday, so I put a link to it from my Cowboys and Indians contest (though that contest is over, hopefully it will garner more attention towards yours!)
    March 24
    • TezzeretofCarmot21
      Thanks, man. It’s not really a contest, I just had some cardsmith’s block on my new set and wanted to see what the community came up with. You’re welcome to post any concepts you might think of.
  • My new profile pic - Ol’ Ichor-Eyes.
    March 18
  • Dominaria is sw88t.
    March 16
  • sorinjace
    Hey whats up? I just wanted to thank you for checking out my Retraxa card, I have edited the rules text to the card. I wasn't quite done with the card yesterday, I was rushed due to short time left to work on it (it happens a lot actually), so I quickly put the rules in to remind me of what I wanted the card to do so I can fix it tomorrow (which is today obviously). I didn't know that it would hit populars at all I woke up to a card of mine being featured too, that shocked me. This is only twice I've had that happen now, I hope that some of my other friends can get their cards featured sometime as well too, like dechujoh64 he busts his behind on making cards too and we had no one to really guide us except for the cardsmiths on here who take the time to check cards out and leave constructive criticism. Thanks again, it helps a lot. I am going to go check your cards out, hope you dont mind me favoring any that I like, its the least I can do to say thanks.
    March 8
    • TezzeretofCarmot21
      I don’t mind people favoriting my cards... :P I am kind of a stickler for rules text. Good job getting your card featured! You don’t need to thank me, I am just a total perfectionist for rules text... Anyway, if you ever need somebody to balance or reword a card, shoot me a message.
  • Murder confirmed in Masters 25. Heck yes.
    February 21
  • Curse of the Swine: When the bacon bites back.
    February 19
  • SO borrrrrrredeedddddddddddd
    February 9
  • My money ain't funny, honey, nor is it a bunny, honey, honey, I got me money, my money is money and it's... I ran out of unny rhymes.
    February 9
  • The Encyclopedia Tezzeretia
    These are projects I am working on. Will post updates to them soon.
    Heledria, the Battlefront (22 of 297)
    Fronteria (44 of 198)
    Devonia (34 of 210)
    Planecrash (2 of 422)
    Brahargin (in development)
    February 7
  • Oh yeah baby!!! My Admiral Becky Brass deck got some new toys!
    February 4