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  • sorinjace
    Havent had much chance to talk to you my friend my apologies. Where are you from? Im from Toledo, Ohio USA (along with about 8 or 9 other cardsmiths I introduced this site to, the most active of them lately is Dechujoh64, Aryanf(my wife), and TemurGideon. Everyone else kinda gets on sporadically.

    Well my names Corey. Ive been playing Magic since 2013 around the time Return to Ravnica was about to be released so the innistrad block is where my roots are in magic. My favorite block is in fact innistrad avacyn restored is my favorite set. My favorite guild is house dimir but ill play anything. My username is simple: i like the two planeswalkers the most; but I like Sorin better. Jace is what my friends recognize me with for some reason (just like eleron, TemurGideon, is recognized for liking Gideon the most. Lol imagine if i would have made my username differently, dimirjace! Lol!

    My names corey but you can call me sorinjace :) whats your name? Im 36 how old are you? Ok well ttyl.
    June 25
  • jpastor
    In the case of my Daily Challenge, I gave permission for anyone to just present a challenge for a day. In every other discussion on the forums, you don't do that. Instead you create your own discussion.
    June 14
    • Shadow29870
      Okay, it took a lot longer for me to get picked up to go where I'm heading, so... I managed to make a challenge. If you have any suggestions, I'll fix it when I return. Just decided it couldn't hurt to make one before I left.
  • Welcome Aboard!
    May 30