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  • Hey guys, where's the lamb sauce?
    October 3
  • I forgot to trigger Happily Ever After because I forgot it counted itself.
    September 28
    • Tomigon
      It doesn't let you choose to trigger it or not. It triggered, and you chose to see what opponent could do after you won.
  • Baconfest and Oktoberfest on the same day? Heck yeah!
    September 14
    • Bowler218
      Scratch that, only baconfest
  • I was playing D&D on this skype like thing and we were azorius cops and we had to rescue a muse drake from an izzet lab, and our party was
    A human cleric (me)
    A minotaur barbarian
    A vengence paladin
    And a second paladin whose oath I can't remember

    We get to the drake (for the second time this session) and I cast calm emotions while our barbarian got between us and the drake while readying this action: if the drake flies, he graples it. Our second paladin gives the drake some rations and the drake picks it up and starts to fly into the other side of the room. Guess who screws up my calm emotions, the barbarian.
    So we start combat and the barbarian takes 24 or so damage and I cast sanctuary and healing word on him.

    Next session I'm dropping my divine domain ability to charm people and I will PERSONALLY walk the barbarian and the vengeance paladin (who had attempted to "avenge" our minotaur) out of the room, and arcane lock the door.
    September 5
  • I was hit by a car earlier today while going to the chiropractor. The only thing that hurts is my tailbone. My tailbone has never gotten a break over the last two or three years.
    Oh boy.
    August 7
    • Tomigon
      Oh no! Sorry for the tailbone, but I'm glad that it was the only injured part.
  • EnvyReaper
  • Ok, so a lot of the mono-blue creature or enchantment cards I see made here look something like this

    ETB: Counter target spell

    Can we get some new stuff please?
    January 23
  • For those I didn't tag, Awesome journey of awesomeness is back with me leading it, but other than that, it should be the same.
    December 2018
    then shop till you drop,
    then hohoho,
    then stay up late.
    November 2018
  • Bowler218 joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    November 2018