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Welcome to the forum everyone!!!


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  • TezzeretofCarmot21
    Hey Corwinnn, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, just wanted to say thanks for all you do for the site. You're an awesome Cardsmith and an awesome moderator. Thank you!
    November 22
  • Jfoster90
    What's your two cents on the contest?
    November 7
  • Ranshi922
    Corwinnn, I have asked several questions that I was hoping you'd be able to answer... *Mock scourned* (I feel so hurt!)
    October 14
  • Revan
    Hey, I was wondering...No, curious. How does a card get featured on MTG. No I'm not asking for one to get featured, I just want to know how it happens.
    October 6
    • Ranshi922
      I can tell you that I asked that question a great number of times and never got a definite answer. Corwinnn, correct me if I am wrong, but it can vary from being something that will spark discussion to a really popular card, to a cool concept.
    • Revan
      Thank you.
    • Corwinnn
      We think that's right, also you can enter the monthly theme challenge and I even heard there is something on the Facebook page, but I've never confirmed that
  • Ranshi922
    how much longer?
    October 1
    • Ranshi922
      *Emperor Palpatine Voice* Do it.
  • songoku880
    How do I get to be the judge for a challenge
    September 15
  • Shadow29870
    COOOORRRWINN! Hi. Was told to ask you about how to make a circuit challenge official for that.
    July 13
  • Involutus
    Hey Corwinn,

    Just curious: how do you attach a picture of a card in a forum post? I'd like to add that in addition to the link for the warlock contest if possible.
    May 26
  • sorinjace
    Dechujoh64 said I should inform you of my contests name change I miscounted it was actually contest #11 so I changed it from #10 to #11. Hopefully this isn't much of a hassle for you, sorry about that! Also, check out my spotlighting contest. I hope you may like what it's about.
    April 29
  • sorinjace
    Hey Corwinnn for my 10th contest I would like to have it be a circuit challenge contest. I will create the contest probably around May 2nd. I also want to have a 1 month premium gifted to 1st place winner and a trophy card for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and post them in the hall of fame. I would need your permission or tomigons permission to the passwords again for the trophy I don't know it for the hall of fame either. Please let me know asap.
    April 22
  • Aryanf
    Got some owl stickers today because they're my favorite animal and its my first day outside the hospital. There's a bunch of corwinnn stickers on it.
    April 18
  • sorinjace
    Corwinnn I am currently on my 9th contest. I was hoping to have my 10th contest be a special one and what better way than to have it be a circuit challenge contest? So when the contest is ready to be unveiled (after the 3 I have going on currently) with permission could it be a circuit challenge contest? If so, just explain to me how the circuit points are distributed to the winners of the contest. In addition, I'd also like to make a trophy card for the winners and the chance to put these cardsmiths in the hall of fame. Let me know what you think, I would need the password to the trophy account again like I did in my 1st contest. Get back to me when you can Corwinnn! Thanks.
    April 8
  • DoctorFro
    I think it might draw attention to Aryanf’s and I’s contest if I were to post
    March 24
  • sorinjace
    corwinn, if you are able to, the restore ability on the mechanix 26 contest needs an update on what it reads as. Here it is:

    Restore N (When this creature enters the battlefield, you may shuffle up to N cards from your graveyard into your library.)

    Can you update the contest version of this ability please so there is no confusion? Tomigon helped me to fix the ability a little while ago. Thank you!
    March 6
  • sorinjace
    This is just a friendly reminder, my two contests, "The Owls Are Gathering" and "Deliver Me Slivers" contests come to an end 3-05-18 8pm usa eastern standard time. If you have time and may want to come up with an entry, feel free to do so. Thanks for your interest! If you have already, thank you for your submission and good luck!
    March 4
  • eggdad
    To Corwinnn, esteemed leader of the Grand Leagues of Squirreltopia-

    Among the honorable ranks of formidable Cardsmiths, there is a scoundrel. You have, in days long past, put forth much war and conquest against this cruel lord, yet he still lies in wait for you. @KrampisZman, Dread Lord of Misery, has come before you in battle once before. With his vile leigons of Bidoof, he has once before tried to shake Squirreltopia to its very roots.
    Now, we are in a grave situation. I am Egg Dad, Lord Father of the kingdom of Egg. We have come to seek refuge and enlightenment in the Great Halls of the Cardsmiths, known as the MTG Cardsmith Community Forums. Upon my arrival, I was disrespected and spat upon by the very same Dark Lordmentioned above, and many have rushed to his side.
    This cold, cruel man deserves not the popularity and notability
    February 26
    • eggdad
      that comes from such a battle as this, but he has left us no choice. I come before you now, as an equal, to ask for the unwavering aid of the Kingdom of Squirreltopia to stand in solidarity with Egg against all who oppose. I am not in search of conquest, I am in search of peace. My only hope is that the Squirrels are strong enough to stand with the honorable Egg.

      Honorable Regards,

      Egg Dad
    • KrampisZman
      Give it a rest...
  • sorinjace
    Hey I made a card for you as well, Dechujoh64 said he wasn't sure if you saw it or not, he thought it looked like a chipmunk in the artwork, but when I searched for it I had put squirrel and teacup on the google search and that picture came up, so maybe its a striped squirrel? I thought you would get a kick out of it since you made the 'teacup island' pun card. The picture shows a squirrel in a teacup sleeping. Let me know if you like it, I went a different route with it then I originally was going to do with it, but I made it very useful.
    February 26
  • keplerde
    Trying to post my card image for mechanix, how do i do it, the link you gave me is just my homepage.
    September 2017
  • TrippleBoggey3
    How do you upload images on the new card maker. I'm on mobile BTW. Thanks!
    February 2017