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  • HeroKP
    Congratulations on being the winner of the first season of COLONISERS! :D
    December 2019
  • sorinjace
    Hey whats up? when you get a chance, stop by the "Spy VS Spy" contest going on, it could use some cool entries by you :) I know your busy, so just when you get the time :) Oh yeah, I am going to be making a card of you for the Cards of MtgCardsmiths: The Saga Continues contest. Stop by there too if you wish!
    April 2018
  • sorinjace
    Hey I a wanted to ask you for your permission to make a Trevor Klenn card for my next contest? Don't tell anyone yet, but my next one is going to be about Spies and Espionage (think James Bond type theme but in the style of Magic The Gathering) I would love to make a card with him using the spy custom mechanic ability I created, but I of course wont do this unless you give me the green light to do so for the next contest, I really enjoy the character!
    March 2018