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  • EnvyReaper
    I have taken up jpastor's Mystery box challenges!
    Take a stop there!
    March 2019
  • sorinjace
    You did good on your 1st contest no sweat man. My only thing is a little more clarity in the theme of your contest (like what you are really looking for beasts can literally be that or other types of creatures to some players) ive been wanting to create a beast for a while anyways and make use of the artifact borders they now have here for us, so i was excited to give your contest a shot. Keep them coming! I am working on new contest ideas myself as i am getting ready to wrap up my last open contest cards of mtgcardsmiths: the saga continues. Whats your top favorite 2 colors in magic to play? Ill make you as a card if you want ill post it there and add it to my cardsmiths ive made set folder.
    June 2018
    • AxNoodle
      @sorinjace Thanks for the feedback! My favourite 2 colours are Blue/White (and I also like playing bant) and I would be honoured to be a card made by you!
    • sorinjace
      Cool ok ill get to work! Thank you for the sweet planeswalker!
    • sorinjace
      I fell asleep editing your card sorry! Hope you see the edits i did i feel it works better then the original design; i wanted to make your card brutal but azorius still. It wasnt easy ill tell you that much.