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  • sorinjace
    You have been chosen, grand cardsmith, for the summer cartoons challenge playoffs! You have until september 10th to confirm your entry into this challenge. To confirm, just simply send me a private message back stating that you are in the playoffs. All details will be explained at the beginning of the playoffs on the contest itself to everyone involved. The playoffs wont start until I have a sufficient amount of cardsmiths to participate. IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND BY SEPTEMBER 10TH, YOUR OFFER EXPIRES AND WILL BE CONSIDERED NULL AND VOID. This is to ensure the contest continues as scheduled so it will be completed by the end of September. This message is going out to everyone hand picked to join the playoffs.

    Thank you for your hard work and participation in this contest all summer! -sj :)
    September 5
  • sorinjace
    2nd chance week is upon us on Summer Cartoons Challenge, and I wanted to let you know that you can create the Powerpuff Girls since it was your suggestion and you missed the week they came up, so if you can get the cards in when you get time or preferrably asap that'd be awesome thank you brcien! Have a good summer! -sj :)
    July 29
  • sorinjace
    brcien are you ok? I haven't heard or seen activity from you in awhile. I didn't see that you favorited the card I made for you so I take it you didn't like it so I deleted it, if you can give me some more info that would be helpful to creating a card of you for you, that would help me out in making one for you in the future! well hope you are doing well. your powerpuff girls request is up on the summer cartoons contest, Dechujoh64 made a card for bubbles, blossom and buttercup they are pretty cool check it out when you can, the week for those cartoons is coming to an end soon, and if you miss this week to submit them, you can submit them in one of the two 2nd chance weeks scheduled, just check the schedule out when you can. ok well ttyl brcien! btw, whats brcien mean?
    July 18
    • brcien
      I'm ok. I don't remember seeing the card? Can you resend it? I got kinda disheartened for the contest when I made some cards for Billy and Mandy but forgot to post them. I made a Bubbles. Thanks for the concern! Brcien is my name! My father is illiterate and that is how he tried to spell 'Bryson!'
  • sorinjace
    Did i send you an invite to week 3 in summer cartoon challenge? I thought i did. Anyways thought youd be interested in this week because of batman being covered this week (and thundercats and fat albert as well).
    June 20
    • sorinjace
      Oh nvmnd i see it below this comment. Durkadur... Lol.
  • sorinjace
    You can drop batman cards this week in my summer cartoons challenge! No limit either so have fun. It starts the 18th ens 24th until the next 3 cartoons are to be covered. Plus you can request cartoons if you dont see one you like. (See my contest for details.)
    June 18