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  • sorinjace
    hey i gave you a follow here you have some cool cards made under your belt. I made a card for your contest, and I will favorite any on your list I find that I like. If you want, I have a contest that is coming to an end soon it'd be interesting to see what you come up with. the contest is Planeswalkers, all you really need to do is make your own take on already existing planeswalkers using art that isn't on existing magic cards already. Thats it! ok well ttyl hope to hear back from ya.-Sorinjace
    January 2018
    • captain_Pugsley
      Hi @SorinJace! Thanks! I really appreciate it! I try my best to make at least somewhat original and playable/fun cards. I already have my eyes on your Planeswalkers contest, I just have yet to find some good artwork. I find your collection of creations both impressive and amusing (I especially like "What the Hell, Human" ). I look forward to any future interactions with you! :-D
      Sincerely, captain_Pugsley
    • sorinjace
      I love the avatars you have made :) and yeah I have a sense of humor as well, some folks are super serious about how cards are done on here, and while it has helped me improve on my cardsmithing skills, I do appreciate cards for what they are in general (usually the idea of what the creator is trying to make does come across even if the language isn't dead on to mtg) but your cards are great, definitely following you and looking forward to future contests you put up as well. I plan on making more contests in the future, just wanting my 1st one (planeswalkers) to wrap up 1st. I saw your 1st entry so far, Sorin is sweet, it's the 2nd sorin in the contest to crop up, ajani has been the most popular one made for it. I can't wait to judge it, they are all good cards though. ok well ttyl @captian_Pugsley! - sorinjace :P
    • captain_Pugsley
      Hi @Sorinjace! Thanks again! I'm currently working on a semi-joke(maybe?) planeswalker for your planeswalkers competition, but it might take a while to complete. I must say, though, I really enjoy your entries to the Magus competition and so far! They fit the theme perfectly! :-D
      I look forward to seeing what future cards and contests you come up with! ttyl!
      sincerely, captain_Pugsley