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I just wanna make this post here to say that I'm ModularMonstrosity from the MtG Amino and Discord in order to avoid any sort of confusion from the different names from platform to platform,


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  • Oof, forgot about this for a bit! I'll try to post my card within the week! Juggling some things rn
  • Okay so I'm not really sure how this works but. . . can I have a box?
  • Heya! Just wanted to say that I didn't forget about this little thing! I've actually been making cards since the beginning of May ^*^ It's a bit of a slow process sadly, and I know I promised to make these by April o-o But, I just wanted to give I …
  • Oh, maybe--! @Theodore1187 EDIT: Nope, don't exist
  • @Theodore1237 ? Think I've heard the name before but am not sure
  • Lol @Corwinnn, what didya receive?
  • Is that Corwinnn's message, @Bowler218 ?
  • Message (the post, not corwinnn's) means "BYE" Followed by a whited out M9 A10 ^^^ I still have no idea why letstalkaboutthis is still giving us pieces for the KRAMPISZMAN thing A whited out "JK I'm Corwinnn that's why I haven't deleted anything…
  • Aye, I was assuming it'd be alright for the sake of a random word to progress the game. At least then it was just a word and nothing else because it had no context. But I guess that third to the last GIF that was sent was something foreshadowed this…
  • Asked sanjaya about the message. And yeah, sanjaya was the original recipient of bowler's message. Though, seriously mate, honestly curious where "EXPLETIVE" fits in (The gif that was posted by letstalkaboutthis that says "Wow, you're a very uncom…
  • I thought about that at first, but dropped it because it really spells SPIIT with two I's. And I think it's more aimed at letsttalkaboutthis rather than a message from letstalkaboutthis, but who knows! It's a possibility, at least ^-^ --- Also tu…
  • Also, yeah, it turns out we really were stuck and needed a hint. Look at the first letters of the original post and letstalkaboutthis's next comment. They also spell out KRAMPISZMAN. Well, KRAMPISZISZMAN, but you get the idea XD
  • Cardsmith count (I'll keep this updated when a new card comes out): Gelectrode Modnation Teacup Faiths_Guide KrampisZman Don't really need to state the obvious, but I don't think it would be farfetched to assume that the next cards we'll be seeing …
  • Bowler's message means "FORK"
  • Heya, answered the survery! Lookin' forward to it Ranshi!
  • XD Doin' well @Ranshi922, got about most of the custom commander stuff finished. Though it seems that this lil' post will be garnering some attention, might be here for the sake of the fun cryptic puzzles lol The fact that this is in Sagas is prett…
  • Well, maybe not ARG and more scavenger hunt, really XD Though, Ephemeral Departure and Battle Preparations, I believe I've seen a connection between the two before. Though, now I don't remember. But who knows! the cards might just be throwing us o…
  • Sounds like we can't solve this ARG until we discover what @sanjaya666 received
  • Heya, might have the deck ready either tomorrow or the day after that! Sorry mate for the inconvenience!
  • Ah, love this place, I think I've had a bite or two from here! Could I have a legendary somethin' that represents that fellow at the table over there? (Please design me a card that flavorful card that represents a character in a restaurant. Be it a …
  • @Ranshi922 I'll be sure to get the deck done by the month, mate ^-^ Maybe a week into April. Sorta moving up a year for school this week, so after a bit, I'll be free to be makin' cards!
  • Sorry I didn't post my cards yet y'all. It's been a rough week recently lol. But, I think I'll be able to send in my cards sometime during the week ^-^
  • @MittoMan I hope the articles I pm'd you would help in your future card making ^-^
  • @Faiths_Guide I personally think the mill could go, it's a very weird symmetrical effect. But I liled the idea of it ^-^ @Ranshi922 Gonna probably post my list either today or tomorrow!
  • I will say that things like the Bicycle Lands do stump me, though :/ I mean, in theory it should make two tokens, but *maybe* it only makes one? It's a minor thing, but it haunts me lol
  • Okay so, I thought that the concept of "ability" was pretty simple, but here's the basic premise: Abilities are basically each "paragraph" you see in a card. Sol Ring has one ability, Chromatic Lantern has two, Everflowing Chalice has three, Trading…
  • Gonna upload my little rulings in a bit @MemoryHead ^-^
  • My reviews! Hope I wasn't too harsh with any of 'em (sorry if it felt like I was) Bolodtha, Thallid Regnant I think I'm going to have to go with everyone else here sadly. It just sorta feels like a copy of Slimefoot. Against it for me. Madeline, P…
  • Changelog — • Adjusted the art to have Eron be the focus of the art. But I'm not really happy with the result. Definitely gonna redo the crop on this one. • Gave it a spellslinger body. (Gave it a 2/3 body.) • Added "If a card was exiled this way,"…
  • Yep yep ^-^ Currently on the works for Eron's next update. Here's what I'm thinking of doing for him: * Remove the ability to grab creatures * ~Maybe~ put it on the bottom of the library rather than exile to keep it in-line with his colors * Make it…