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  • @sanjaya666 Alright, alright.
  • @sanjaya666 The name of their forces: Impossinlulian Regiment Method of transportation: 3 magical schoolbuses (schoolbusi?). They are driven by an evil clone of Ral Zarek (Dimir), Vraska's sister who had been brainwashed to think she is a chancell…
  • Also the dimir azorius orzhov thing is a coincidence, I just wanted to get some guilds I like, that everyone here could make cards for, and it just turned out to be that you can make a card for any one of those
  • Oh, ok... :( Try to post as early as you can then, while you still have the chance!
  • AIGHT NEW CONTEST: Welcome to the second ELIMINATION CHALLENGE! The guilds of ravnica show up! (cause of course they do) The Dimir, Orzhov and Azorius are all trying to conquer Inconsequentilia (the plane next door), and they stopped by here for …
  • @Aggroman15 You blast one beast into submission... TOO BAD THESE THINGS CONTROL THE ENTIRE GULF AREA! At least you got the territory of the one you killed. @Lujikul You have bred an ultimate race of explorers... however, not a whole lot is left …
  • BUT DON'T FRET! I loved all your entries so you all win some! The map will be here shortly.
  • Alright, here are the results: 1ST PLACE: @ningyounk The process goes extremely well, and all the the Dziarkani bow down to you. You get a new, stronger grip on the desert. You might soon be able to break out, but we aren't sure yet... 2ND PLA…
  • @Bobman111 As you venture onto the coast, you are met by meadows and forests, in rapid succesion after one another. There you encounter another type of life. Your empire venerated life and its holy gift, but these lifeforms you are finding are an…
  • @Bobman111 I appreciate the effort. So you are going to the eastern clade... how exactly? I mean, you are on an island on the opposite end of the map. Did you mean the western calde?
  • Now, @Bobman111 In the next 48 hours, I want you to tell me if you want to keep playing. If you don't comment, I assume you won't. I'm sorry to be so harsh, but I think we all want contests based in actual skill and not who bothers to post.
  • @pjbear2005 @01101 @BorosPaladin WOAH, I can already have a season 2 with just the 6 of you! I am honoured this contest got so popular!
  • Again, not anymore, but do you want me to notify you when season 2 starts? You can sneak into there! @pjbear2005
  • @sanjaya666 It's ok, I didn't take it personally. As I said, I will be revamping it over the weekend, adding new information as well as directions
  • @Bobman1111 Nya has until sunday to do this!
  • @Jonteman93 It's ok, probably just had a bad day. Oh, and while you are here, I'd like to give you partial credit for starting the paper rpg trend for the site. Wanna join Season 2 ?
  • @sanjaya666 Sorry, school's been going tough on me, I wasn't able to draw anything good. I'll be revamping the map this weekend. You come at the throat of the warlocks, but they do not fight back. They beg for mercy. They say that they are an old…
  • @sanjaya666 I'm not really allowed to. but just this one time - I suggest you either go out to see, or confront the space (maybe) warlocks
  • @ningyounk Did you just try to worldbuild for me? Don't ever try to worldbuild for me (Just kidding XD, I love the card. AND now I can call in a random flood when the players need anything but that!)
  • @Lujikul This is just so cruel, horrifying, and I love it.
  • TO give you a sense of what it feels like.
  • @Lujikul So you decide to go deeper down the rabbit hole. Literally! The whole deep forest is covered in giant holes! Are these homes for some kind of twisted beasts? Are they caused by the magic of the hidden men? Is it some sort of catatonic rea…
  • And yes, I'll hint at there being a hidden race living in hiding on the plane CONSTANTLY
  • @Vardrus Great! That ought to scare them sheep (the smartest things that live on the octopus islands, as far as you know) into submission!
  • @Aggroman15 Actually, you got pretty lucky. Your ships are sailing through the bay, with no distractions whatsoever. Taking over this plane will be a bree.... OMG WHAT ON EMRAKUL'S GREEN EARTH IS THAT THING?! KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE! WAIT, IT L…
  • @ASubtleGhost I cannot put into words how much I like it, nor can I explain why I like it. It's just amazing
  • @fms Oh, that's ok. I'll tell you when part 2 is out so that you can actually participate :)
  • @ASubtleGhost
  • @ASubtleGhost The mountains are filled with resources, yet they desperately lack sentient races (at least that you know of...) You did find some birds with steel-hard wings and magical feathers that explode when they die though...
  • @ASubtleGhost Here's the kicker, you see... Do you go along the mountains... Or do you go down the mountains and reveal yourself to mundane humans? The mountain route is long, so you'll cover less territory, but do you want the humans to know yo…