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  • Skyrpt
    Your cardsmith personality for winning -

    November 2018
  • Revan
    Judged the create-a-god challenge. go check it out.
    September 2018
  • Revan
    Hey. I've got a god making challenge. you should check it out. P.S. I love your undead cards. there amazing. I love undead.
    August 2018
  • sorinjace
    ps almost forgot not a big deal at all but I have creature type sets/folders on here and I do have a Bear set and your Bear and the familiar that was made for him is in it, if your curious, check it out when you get a chance case you are like me and feel like WOTC could do much more with Bears in magic then they do!
    June 2018
  • sorinjace
    Hey Undead checked out your Scarecrow and thought it was pretty sweet, for saying you don't know much about Batman you did a great job on the Scarecrow. I looked to see if I was following you and I already am following you so I will be keeping an eye out for more cards from you in the future, if you are following me or not, regardless hope you get time to stop by check out some of my cards any constructive criticism is much appreciated, always looking to improve my craft. Ttyl man! -sorinjace :) ps favored some of your cards while I dropped by, been meaning to favorite more, sorry haven't spoken to you much before. I like that Bear you had featured the most of your cards thus far, other than the Scarecrow :)
    June 2018