Let's Return to Ravnica again! (Or Innistrad if you want.)

Honestly I rank all of the Ravnica blocks on par with the Innistrad block as being the best blocks ever. But, it's been a few years since we last saw either plane and I imagine things have changed. I want to know what has changed. Hopefully by the time this contest ends we will have our images of both planes renewed. I want you to make cards that depict what is going on in those planes, but could also be used with the cards from previous blocks in those planes.

The multicolor combinations in ravnica, the city of guilds are as follows
Black/green Golgari swarm, self mills and gets benefits from the graveyard
Blue/Black House Dimir, mills other libraries and is generally very underhanded.
White/black Orzhov Syndicate, Steals life from others as payment in business transactions, runs the church.
Black/red cult of rakdos, an unorganized group of hedonists who worship a demon.
Green/red Gruul Clans, A unorganized group of clans that have basically been beaten by the other guilds but are trying their darndest to beat them back.
Green/Blue Simic Combine, Biological engineers who are trying to improve nature with magic, the ocean specifically.
Green/White Selesnya Conclave, concerns themselves mainly with nurturing and life.
White/Blue Azorius Senate, politics and police
White/red Boros Legion, a trained army that often works alongside the azorius
Red/blue Izzet league, the over-excited scientists and civic workers

The multicolor combinations of Innistrad
Do these like you see in the old horror movies.
And Frankenstein's monster-like things are on the plane.

Blue/black the zombies, mad scientists, and some ghosts,
Red/green the werewolves,
Black/white the rest of the ghosts,
black/red the vampires,
Black demons,
White Angels
Everything but black = scared humans

It would also be nice if you made new mechanics.
If you are making a double faced card, put a link to the other side in the comments.
You can have up to 3 entries.

The different planes will be judged desperately, so please say which one your entries are for.
1st A Follow, 12 favorites, and an optional commissioned card.
2nd A Follow, 10 favorites
3rd 8 favorites
4th 6 favorites
Honourable mention 4 favorites

1st A Follow, 10 favorites, and an optional commissioned card.
2nd A Follow, 8 favorites
3rd 6 favorites
Honourable mention 4 favorites

Contest ends on January 14 2016.


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