Story of Your Legendary Creatures?

I just made a new version of Talachin, my Orc Legendary Creature after his long war on his home. Before, he would train himself to meet a thousand men with a weapon in hand. Now, he roams with his own kind with hope that they all may one day find the destiny that calls to them.

So, my question is, how as a character you've created via cards changed and what have they become through their conflicts and adventures?

Talachin, Slayer of Greatness -
Talachin, Slayer of Destiny -

Another example:
A few cards that tell the small story of Gothir, a forgotten abomination that lived with his 'Children' and was taken advantage of in a time of need.


  • Uhh, can I do the story of my 'mindmaker' set? It's something I'm really proud of, but have not finished nor found any good place to put it.
  • I've been working on a set with 6 major characters (each has their own color)
    Each of them will have a "Trials of ____" card, that will somehow parallel how they became the people they are now.
    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to relay their origin stories through a card while keeping it balanced.
  • Trials of Bob 2UB
    Enchantment - Rare
    Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under an opponent's control, you may sacrifice a creature, and discard two non-land cards from your hand. If you do, search your library for a card named Bob the Magnificent and put it onto the battlefield without paying it's casting cost, and exile Trials of Bob. Then shuffle your library.
    Bob had been just an ordinary guy, but then one day he saw his best friend die. Bob nearly lost his mind, but instead he emerged from his ordinary life to become "Bob the Magnificent".
  • Something like that maybe?
  • @Corwinnn That's a good idea, but I'm not sure how it will fit with the stories I've come up with. I might have to fudge things around a bit in both directions :/
  • Well, obviously they can't ALL be Bob... after all he is Magnificent... but you just try to garner the feel of the card around whatever story you have, and hopefully Bob can inspire you!
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    Bob's Blob Law 1G
    Enchantment - Rare
    Each player who has cast a non-Blob spell this turn can't cast additional spells.
    Bob is just a man. A man who likes Blobs.
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