Koan's Fate [ Custom Card Set Information / Recruitment ]

"On my home, Aahn, resides spiritual entities that live throughout this ancient world. Many over the years have fallen due to the mortal beings that have forsaken them. Loavi fell from the heavens years ago, unknown where he rests now. The Bomba Oracles have claimed the other Great Spirits are devising a plan to strip away the powers of mortal kind in order to take Aahn for their own jealous desires. It all makes sense now, with my beloved Koan stripped from his immortal ranking long before, his belief was twisted and corrupted by the now sadistic cult that claims to slaughter in his name! Iali, the Eternal Star, and Ajui, Courser of Form both rose in power as he fell... This was no mere coincidence. I do not believe that Vani, the Great Warmth is innocent either in this plan!

But I, Nic'Ba, will reclaim his teachings and protect my home from the jealous divinities, even if I must sacrifice all I hold dear to do it.

I will change Koan's Fate, for the better."

--The Story--

Koan's Fate is a two-set block of custom cards telling the story of Aahn, a spiritual world that has always entrusted the greater beings above, at least until their own brothers seemed to be falling from their divine places. The following of Koan, the Shadow of Grief, was betrayed by his brothers Iali, the Eternal Star, and Ajui, Courser of Form. Both gained favor from this path, while Koan's practices quickly became manipulated into a cruel art which many shun away from.

Nic'Ba Amani, a stranger who had yet to reclaim his lost memories as he washed up on the shores of the city named Yotai sees through the trickery and plans of the Great Spirits that reside over the world, gathering those who know the same to lead an army of men, women, and children who wish to restore Koan's power and repel the betrayers from their home.


The set's numbers have yet to be determined but are being worked on as of now. Taking a break from my almost anti-spell oriented Pirate set codenamed 'Treasures', I felt like this would be a good way to come up with interesting cards and make a unique setting while doing so.

With inspiration from Kamigawa and my own love of mythology and unique races, Koan's Fate will feature races not rarely done in a massive amount. Among the many types, frequent creature types are Djinn, Spirits, Demons, and (of course) Humans.

You can find the set's account here: http://mtgcardsmith.com/user/KoansFate

--Help Required!--

To make sure this doesn't flop and stop abruptly, I'd really appreciate help with the following:
• Creating a precise card count to keep track and establish proper cycles
• Card balancing and text errata-ing (?)
• Mechanics and finding fitting art

If you want to be a part of the 'team' (where it's basically just me at the time of this post), I'll be sure to share the account's details with you, but I'd prefer if you already contributed in some way or I knew you well enough :)

--Thank You, Cardsmiths--

A lot of you have been a huge inspiration to me and I really want to make something impressive for the Johnny, Spike, Timmy, and Vorthos players out there!

Feel free to message me about questions or inquiries about this topic or anything you so wish!


  • Seems cool... I imagine it's gonna be something like Religion Wars? idk
  • how about

    Koan, the shadow of grief
    legendary creature-human wayfarer
    whenever a creature you control is put into the graveyard, choose one of the following effects:
    draw a card
    target opponent discards a card
    put target creature with cmc 5 or less from your graveyard into your hand.

    I did not include art because I have no idea what Koan should look like. basing this around his "fallen" status.
  • Mechanic Idea. Forsake.
    If an opponent controls a spirit.
    Seeker of Truth. 2G
    Forsake-Seeker of Truth gets +1/+1 as long as an opponent controls a spirit.
    Spiritbane Lost
    Creature-Human 3B
    Forsake-Spiritbane Lost gets -1/-1 as long as an opponent controls a spirit.
    Voice of Reality
    Creature-Human Advisor 3W
    Forsake-When Voice of Reality enters the battlefield if an opponent controls a spirit, you may exile up to one target creature.
  • @stormbreath UW wouldnt have hand destruction. Drawing on creature death is a GB mechanic, would need to specify nontoken creatures probably. Is it intentional that his ability would let him return himself back to your hand on death?
  • yes, it is intentional, as he has no other form of devensive ability befitting a god or a fallen(ie: hexproof, indistructable). the idea for the discard was to tap into the black side of his card, and I could change the draw card to a life-drain effect.
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