The Price Is...Your Soul

Hey guys! Been a while since I've held a challenge, but I had an idea and wanted to create this. And I promise I'll be delivering on my winner's rewards this time. (Sorry winners of Four-Color Card challenge...)

The challenge is to create a card themed on a dark transaction with an entity involving your life-force. This can range anywhere from liches and their phylacteries to demonic pacts to anything else involving selling your soul for power. Maybe there's a drawback you have to live with now...please make your entries as flavorful as possible, but good formatting and balancing is important too!

Must be themed on selling your soul to another entity, most likely for power or gain of some sort.
Two entries per cardsmith. If you want to change one of your entries that's fine, but be sure to let me know.
It doesn't have to be a black card. It could be interesting to see something in say, green or blue.
Gud gremmr iz im-pertnt. Pleez.
Flavor is especially important here too.
I will be judging on the 12th of May (my BDay, by the way :D ), so all entries must be posted by the day before.

1st Place: 5 favorites and 3 critiques on cards of the winner's choice.
2nd Place: 3 favorites and 2 critiques. Cardsmith's choice.
3rd Place & Honorable Mention: 1 favorite and 1 critique. Cardsmith's choice.

Good luck smithing!


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