Enchantment Contest #7 - Life changing enchantments

Hot on the heels of Enchantment Contest #6 (http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/1424/enchantment-contest-6/p1)...

The aim of this contest is to make an enchantment that causes one or more players to either gain life, lose life or both but which does not do direct noncombat damage, nor rely on damage for the lifegain / lifeloss (e.g. an enchantment that simply gives all your creatures lifelink wouldn't count), nor simply require you to pay life.

In other words: the card has to include the words 'life' and 'gain(s)' and/or 'lose(s)' and/or 'becomes' and the enchantment has to cause lifeloss or lifegain.

Here are some classic examples of what would be accepted:
Exquisite Blood - http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=240134
Courser of Kruphix - http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=378491
Phyrexian Arena - http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=405337
Sanguine Bond - http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=376480
Nyx-Fleece Ram - http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=380463
Bitterblossom - http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=397701
Blood Reckoning - http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=279991
Hissing Miasma - http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=96922

And some examples of what wouldn't:
Honden of Infinite Rage - http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=79110 (deals direct damage)
Spirit Link - http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=129744 (relies on damage)
Sinister Concoction - http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=409885 (paying life)

Hope that all makes sense.

1st place: 3 favourites of your choice (plus host & judge of Enchantment Contest 8.)
2nd place: 2 favourites of your choice
3rd place: 1 favourite of your choice

Winners will also recieve a favourite on their winning entry. Any honorable mentions will also recieve a favourite on their entry.

**The winner of this contest will be expected to host and judge Enchantment Contest 8.**

Deadline: 27th May

Have fun!!

EDIT: Max three entries per smith!


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