Monthly Contest: July

I am doing a monthly contest... Sometimes. The ideas and themes will change, yet remain fairly open to allow a greater degree of entry, while still holding a concrete theme.

There will only ever be one winner. And that is because of the prize. The winner of the monthly contests will be given an opportunity to try out the premium features on mtgcardsmith for a time period of 30 days. The value of the prize is equal to a five dollar donation on Patreon. Already a Patreon member? Then you get to play Santa for a month. If the winner of the contest is already a supporter of this site, they are allowed to pass the premium feature on to a cardsmith of their choosing.

My patreon status allows me the premium features on a secondary account, and I don't use a secondary account, so I talked it over with the mods and they were happy to oblige me in this endeavour.

The layout of each contest will begin on the first of the month. (Starting this one early, due to an extreme lack of activity by myself, to allow for more time should the need arise.) And when a new contest starts it will also be the start of a cardsmith enjoying their premium account trial. This helps to streamline the contest with the prize so that there is no confusing deadlines or cutoff points for the trial. You start on the first and end on the thirtieth.

The contests will run for approximately 20 days. It may fluxuate slightly, and I will post updates of when the entry deadline is. This will allow ample time for me to judge and allow the mods to set up the winning cardsmith with their trial.

Another point I would like to emphasis is my judgement. I will be the sole judge on this contest and the judging process will not be a typical standard. The main point I need to try and dictate is that anyone can win. To help balance this idea to the varying levels of skill possessed by cardsmiths, there will be a varying scale from which I judge. If you are a veteran cardsmith and provide me with a great card, but it showcases a sort of docile approach, or you make a more 'comfortable' card, I will not view it as highly. If you are a newer cardsmith or are relatively unfamiliar with the perks and quirks of the site, but submit a great concept that is executed not perfectly, but still really well done, you will be graded higher.

What this means is, you need to give me a perfect card if you're a favoured member, and you don't need to be intimidated if you're not a favoured member. You'll have a month to design these cards, which is plenty of time to create a lasting impression with your lore, mechanics, and overall polish.

Ask for help. I, personally, do not offer that much feedback on official submissions for my contests. That being said, if you are new, I will help get some people to look it over for you and give you the opportunity to find those outlets that can help you out. It's hopefully gonna be a good bridge building technique for cardsmiths to interact with each other.

Unless otherwise stated, there will only be one submission allowed for the contest. You can remake, do over, tweak, alter, to your hearts content. In this vein, I ask that cardsmiths create a set for these contests to allow for more minimalistic posts on the contest thread. If you are unsure how to do this, or don't want to, that's fine. Just make sure you keep up with letting know which is the final submission. You will not be penalized or boosted in my judgement either way, it's just a friendly gesture.

I think that sums up the general idea of the contests.


This month's theme will reflect the appreciation we hold towards our fellow Cardsmiths.

You must submit a card based around another Cardsmith, be it a creature that embodies them or walks beside them, or an artifact that accompanies them, or a spell that accents them.

Tell, in your submission, the Cardsmith you chose and why. ("'Cause I wanted to" is a perfectly acceptable answer.)

The only other rule might be a little more difficult, and will surely entice @Grimshac quite a bit. I want you to create a new ability or keyword, one solely for the purpose of the Cardsmith you chose, and one that feels like a suitable tie, to the cards they've created, and the personality they hold. Do not consult the Cardsmith in regards to the ability, think on your own. If you need help, look through their library. Find the inspiration in their body of works. There's a month to do it, so don't worry about time, you have plenty.

Only new entries will be allowed.

I think that's it. Everything else you do will fall under my judgement. Art choice, layout, balance.


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