The Spiders of Eldritch Moon

Hello everybody, I was intrigued by a newly revealed card from Eldritch Moon, Ishkanah, Grafwidow. I was reading and found that people had been asking for a spider commander. I just can't understand why. I looked on Gatherer and found that there are almost no tribal benefits for spiders other than Ishkanah. Do you think perhaps, that you guys could make some more cards that actually care whether there are spiders on the battlefield? Most spiders have reach, and can often remove flying creatures without blocking them. The usual spider token is a green 1/2 creature with reach. They have a graveyard subtheme thanks almost entirely to Spider Spawning.

Should benefit you in some way if you do something with spiders.
Has to be green and/or black. There can be no activated abilities of any other color.
Shouldn't be broken.

I will make a card of everyone who participates, no matter how well they do.

1st: A Trophy, a follow, and 10 favorites.

2nd: a follow and 5 favorites.

3rd: 3 favorites and the privilege to choose an honorable mention, who also gets 3 favorites.


NEW RULE: If a piece of art is on more than one card only one of those cards will be eligible for a prize.



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