We are Legends

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I have created a new account.
Here it is: http://mtgcardsmith.com/user/WeAreLegends
Password: PM Me or @Corwinnn

The setting is the realm of Loria, a land as varied and magical as it's inhabitants. The whole word is centered around the Smith's Tower (challenge upcoming). The legendary Smiths are mythical powers of the realm, doing anything from upholding the law to murdering each other. The set has no real story, and that's where you come in.
This account is open to everyone but has a few rules.
1. The first card you make has to be you. Make a planeswalker, legendary creature, and/or whatever to represent yourself in this set.
2. MAKE STORIES. Begin epic battles. Forge unstoppable alliances. And make it all into cards.
3. No deleting, saying "that's stupid", or trolling.
4. Make realistic cards that are as fun and personalized as possible.
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