Planeswalker Duels: Demons vs. Angels!

Hello MTG community! For this contest, I thought it would be cool if you could design a pair of planeswalkers; one demon and one angel. They can be any colors, but the angel must be part white and the demon part black. I will score based on a 5 point system:

1 point for color accuracy.
1 point for a complete pair.
3 points for balance (1= unbalanced, 2= mediocre, 3= very balanced).

A little lore is strongly encouraged, and I will give two possible bonus points (based on complexity) if you include some. Bonus points will also be awarded for supporting cards (1 for each 'walker). Winner will get:

1st Place- Follow, 5 favorites, angel AND demon made in their honor.
2nd Place- Follow, 3 favorites, demon OR angel made in their honor.
3rd Place- Follow, 2 favorites, angel OR demon made in their honor.

You will have 2 entries, and can only win one place. I will message the winners privately and post them on the thread. It is encouraged to help other Smithers through constructive criticism, but don't clog the thread with it. Happy Smithing!

~Lord Wolffe III


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    This will end in a week, depending on how many people post cards. If less than 10 people enter, then it will be two weeks.
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    Demon coming later.
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    Angelic Blade:
    Angelic Follower:

    Demonic Blade:
    Demonic Follower:
    Demonic Follower Token:

    Ability Explanation:
    Short-Lived (At the beginning of your end step, exile this card.)

    Demonic Steed (Whenever this creature attacks or blocks, put a 1/1 Black Demon Horse creature token onto the battlefield attacking or blocking that same target.)

    Dependence of X (At the beginning of your end step, if X is not on the battlefield under your control, the base power and toughness of this card is 1.)

    Preparation (When this creature enters the battlefield, it cannot fight.)

    P.S I also decided to add the support cards as they were sorta essential to show because they are part of the planeswalkers's abilities. Also, I had to rename "Angelic Blade" to "Angel Blade" and "Demonic Blade" to "Demon Blade" because of character limits :(

    Lore: As Jordan and Florian arrived at the Temple of Equilibrium, they met two spirits, one dark, the other light. The light spirit said to Jordan, "Do not let your brother fall to the temptation of darkness". However, due to Jordan and Florian's tragic past, Florian decided to go with the dark spirit for ultimate power. However Jordan attempted to stop Florian from leaving, but it was too late. With an insane grin on his face, and a laugh so warped it resonated in the soul of Jordan, he left with the dark spirit. "Come," said the light spirit. "Let me show you the way to truly find your destiny". And thus, Jordan became an Angel and Florian became a Demon.

    Please let me know if anything needs tweaking and I will try to fix it. Thanks!
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    @radzo73 Supporting cards are a great idea! Extra points will be awarded for those. Also, you have the wrong link for the angelic follower. No loss of points, I would just like to see it.
  • @BradXmagic You might want to rethink your demon's ultimate. At this time I can't see the purpose of it.
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    "Epic shenanigans HAVE occurred! Go check them out!"

    Also, does my first entry count as 1 entry or 2? Please let me know, because I could do another one!
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    Mistren was a plane where all evil had been eradicated. Zanthos, guardian of its inhabitants created by the plane itself, was tasked with standing watch in case any evil should return. However Zanthos grew tired and bored, with no evils springing up. He heard a voice in his head promising power, the power to see other worlds. Zanthos initially refused, but after years of hearing nothing but the whispers in his head, his will broke. He was filled with an insatiable desire to leave Mistren. The mysterious voice granted Zanthos his power, but Zanthos couldn't be a planeswalker if he was an angel. The voice's power warped Zanthos into a shell of a being and ignited a spark within him. Zanthos was given power, but at the cost of his sanity. Zanthos went on a rampage and brought with him darkness and corruption, and along with it came the evils of the world, back from hiding. The very plane was being torn apart from Zanthos' corruption. The world needed a new guardian, and Mistren created Cassia. Cassia was not entirely an angel like Zanthos was, but instead a manifestation of the plane itself. Cassia fought against Zanthos' evil with the intent to save humanity, but in the end the plane was lost. As a last ditch effort, Cassia grabbed the two most noble people she could find and left the plane in an attempt to preserve the legacy of Mistren. Zanthos, angered by Cassia's departure tried to follow her, but found that the voice had tricked him. Zanthos was torn apart in the multiverse, and his consciousness was left to wander it for all eternity.
    Cassia, Hope Reborn:
    Zanthos, Fallen Angel:
    Cassia's first ability signifies her desire and purpose of saving humanity. It allows a creature to attack or block without fear, and saves it from sorcery speed removal, as a way to give humanity an advantage when fighting back. Cassia's second ability is essentially Swords to Plowshares, and signifies Cassia herself fighting back against the more powerful evils. Her ultimate signifies her departure from the plane of Mistren (also I think that Karn's ultimate is the most fun ultimate in the game).
    Zanthos' first ability signifies his desire for power at the cost of his own sanity and life. It allows you to choose between the Dark Confidant ability and Devour in Shadow. His second ability is a sort of board wipe. Again, it requires you to sacrifice your sanity, and in return it corrupts all creatures on the board, giving them a +X/-X buff similar to cards like Spatial Contortion. Zanthos' ultimate is his act of completely destroy the plane and eradicating all life from it. It's basically a one-sided Decree of Annihilation, which is pretty much what Zanthos did--annihilate all life on Mistren.
    I had a lot of fun making these planeswalkers and balancing their abilities both with Magic power level and with flavour. I hope you like them! :)

    For centuries, the Angels and the Demons have been at war, leaving the humans to deal with most of the aftermath of large battles. The demons started it when Dratar mobilized forces into the realm of the humans. The gods placed Gabriel in charge of eliminating the Demons, however, Dratar didn't plan on leaving without a fight.
  • Great job with submissions guys! I love all of the lore all and new concepts. Keep working hard!
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    You're welcome :D
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    @All Who Entered, I will begin judging today and post results when I'm done. I don't have 10 entries but I feel like I won't get anymore at this point.
  • Winners:
    1st Place: @dnaidu (10 points)
    2nd Place: @radzo73 (10 points)
    3rd Place: @Gunnarinator (9 points)

    To determine the tie breaker, I looked at card balance and lore complexity. In the end I chose dnaidu as the winner because his lore was detailed and his cards well balanced. Congrats to all who participated! I really enjoyed doing this.
  • Congrats to EVERYONE!!!
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