Geoguessr Mini Challenges (Ongoing)

Geoguessr is a game that drops you somewhere in the world in google street view and you need to figure out where you are. For this contest you are tasked to try out one of my two custom geoguessr challenges that I created using Geosettr . After you attempt one of my challenges, submit your score in the comments below. Then whoever gets the highest score will choose the theme of a mini challenge that you all will submit cards for. (There will be two mini challenges going at the same time. One for the winner of each challenge.) Then the winners of the two minichallenges will make (or have me make) the next geoguessr challenges, and so on for as long as people are interested.

There are two challenges. One is hard; one is easier. You can do one or both.



If the first round doesn't show up. Just guess and go on to the second round. It will work.


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