Tribal Trouble! (FWMMKC #2)

Hello! Time for the first part of the February Weekly Musical Madness Kirkuit Challenge.

What is the February Weekly Musical Madness Kirkuit Challenge (FWMMKC)?

The FWMMKC is a Circuit Challenge style competition that will last the month of February. It takes some inspiration from @Rednaxela's Ongoing song challenge and @Shinobi's Turn a song into a card contest. You will be making cards based off of one of the listed songs. Anyone can join the first 4 rounds, but round 5 will be reserved for the people with the most points!

Challenge for this Week

You will be creating a Creature or a card with the Tribal supertype based on a song about a Creature type. You can do whatever you want with the card, although you will have a better chance at winning if the card emulates the abilities of the Creature Type expressed in the song.

Rules and Regulations
1. Cards must be either a Creature or have the Tribal supertype, and have to somehow relate to at least one of the creatures outlined in the songs. If they don't, they will be disqualified!
2. Name of the card doesn't have to be the name of the song.
3. Listen to the song before making the card.
4. The card can be based on the song, the accompanying video, or both.
5. Include which song you based your song off of with your entry.
6. There will be no entry limit, but no spam entries!
7. New Cards Only!

Songs for this week.

The Fox by Ylvis. Creature Type: Fox
A Song about an Anglerfish by Hank Green. Creature Type: Fish
The Last Stand by Sabaton. Creature Type: Soldier
The Sloth Song by Sloth- Hardly a Deadly Sin. Creature Type: Sloth
Narwhals by Mr Weeble. Creature Type: Narwhal

The Challenge ends on Monday, February 20th at 2:00 AM EST. and will be judged the same day.

1st Place Winner will need to send me a message telling me which song they would like to be added to the next round before Monday!

@DragonFaceEater - 4 Points
@Faiths_Guide - 3 Points
@KJMartin - 2 Points
@modnation675 -1 Point
@kltmtg29 - 0 Points
@TrippleBoggey3 - 0 Points

1st Place: 4 FWMMKC points and a song of your choice in the Fourth Round.
2nd Place: 3 FWMMKC points and a song of your choice in the Fourth Round.
3rd Place: 2 FWMMKC points.
Honorable Mentions: 1 FWMMKC point each.

Happy Smithing,


P.S. thus has absolutely no correlation to the regular Circuit Challenge unless @Corwinnn says so. This is currently its own thing!


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