Non-Green Bidoofs

So if you guys remember @ThatBadMccree did non white soldiers and it was a huge success so @Corwinnn thought he should keep the series going and do Non-(color, Creature type). So I decided to keep it going and do Non-Green Bidoofs.

Other Bidoofs for your inspiration.

Rules and Regulations
-Card cannot be green or reference Green
-It has to be either a Bidoof creature, a Bidoof tribal card, or a card that thematically cares about Bidoof.
-No joke cards but humor can be involved
-Please create new cards
-I will judge on more than just italic text and art
- You are allowed to make any number of cards

1st place 5 favorites and a Follow
2nd place 3 favorites
3rd place 2 favorites
Honorable Mentions: 1 favorite

This is one of my 200 Cards Special Contests.

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