Calling All Cardsmiths!

I have created a new mechanic called calling! Make me a few cards displaying this mechanic!
Calling is a mechanic that works like this.
For example,If a permanent has calling 1 for dragons, all dragons you play cost 1 less to cast as long as you control the permanent. It's that simple. Have fun!

Example card

(The card does not have to be tribal to the calling type, or if it's a creature, it does not have to be the creature type that is called.)


  • I'm thinking this mechanic is already too broken even with Calling 1. It's basically Affinity but with a number, and Wizards of the Coast have been incredibly reluctant to print cost-reducing mechanics like Affinity again because it is so broken.
    Affinity example:[affinity]+[for]+[artifacts]
  • They aren't reluctant over printing cost reducing abilities. Rather they're justified in being scared of the results when it's up-scaled. Which tends to be what happens with a keyword.

    This is why they don't want to support Affinity or Delve but are willing to have weak bodied creatures that reduce the cost of specific kinds of cards.

    To put it in basic terms, they don't want to create decks based on only tempo costed creatures/cards.
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