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    1. http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=398583
    2. Okay, but that doesn't limit it to get some counters. Guess should change it to just +1/+1 instead and add it a bit some other static abilities...
    3. Can I join? What should I do?
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    I'm pretty sure it's a wasteland, with some patches of forest/swamp etc. here and there. Most intelligent life lives in or on the mage-rings.
    So, I really don't know what would live in a wasteland, but take your best guess.
  • sanjaya666 can now get on the account...
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    If we're willing to put an enchantment theme, this would be really cool.

    It expresses the tales which people of this plane tell one another to escape from the disparity and impoverished state of the lands. (Inspired by the stained glass artwork of Eldritch Moon.)

    Insight (This can target permanents or players as though they could be the target of spells or abilities.)
    --> Sort of like anti-hexproof, but in this case as long as you're using auras and so on.

  • @modnation675
    It looks fine, just...
    I don't know how to add cards from other people to the set.
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    No problem, I'd just remake it on the account if you want it. (Could we keep a version on our account?)
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    I'll make a contribution by giving premium to the account that way you can add others' cards just as you would your own. Also may I have access to the account, so we can organize the folders more?

    Just wait until the Vryn icon is gold, then you can do so. (Takes up to 24 hours for premium to start.)

    How to add other user's cards: Image A, Image B
  • Vryn is now gold! Huge props and thanks to @modnation675!
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    Sweet, so what colors does everyone prefer?

    We're more focused among Blue, Black and/or Green in card design. (White also, if it involves Angels or Enchantments.)

    Our favorite guilds and/or color combinations are GW and BG.
  • @modnation675 I only don't prefer white. Im fine with everything else.
  • Cool, we mostly enjoy white in multicolored. But we have practice with all colors. As well as a couple mechanics that we can decide if we'll put them in the set.
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    I have a creature that I'd like to put into the set. But I will be re-theming it with appropriate artwork and creature types. (Current artwork is temporary!)

    It will still be an enchantment creature so as to boost the theme. (WUG Enchantment theme)

  • @modnation675
    Just remember not to put too many enchantmenty things in blue.
    Blue is one of the primary Opportunity colors.
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    Most enchantments will be in WG. I just want to have at least one enchantment creature in each color for draft purposes. But that's up to you to decide.

    Right now I'm working on a land cycle and mana fixing cards.
  • @Undella2
    Would you still keep the land Dawn of a New Tale in your set if it weren't legendary?

    We're wondering as we're contemplating editing it on our account.
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    It's technically ThyMaster's set...

    But the one enchantment creature in each color is fine.

    And, yeah, we/you can keep the D.O.A.N.T in. It isn't THAT overpowered.
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    Oh derp, why did I think I'd seen your name at the start of the thread? Lol. XD (Sorry about that ThyMaster, I guess I'm just used to seeing Undella2's name. As well as Myr!)
  • These are the place currently known on Vryn (according to the MTG wiki)
    Trail of the Mage-Rings, a mountainous region. (Red/ possibly green)
    The Core States (Blue/ a little white and/or red)
    The Rime Marshes (Black/ green)
    Silmot's Crossing, the birthplace of Jace. (Mainly Blue/ red)
    The Sparrow River (Blue/ ?)
  • I'm happy doing the boring commons of any color. I like all of them, but I mainly like the fact common usually have a lot a flavour text.
  • nobody?
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    @modnation675 No worries
    I'll try to contribute more. Sorry @Undella2
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  • Sorry, I've been offline today as I'm working on a better sleep schedule. I'll be online tomorrow, just checking in for today. :)
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    Any Ice Mages?

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