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    Then join this contest, you may be able to win a premium subscription.
    Musicology Contest (W/ Prizes)
  • "Don't you want voices in your head?"
    Everyone at the edh table draws 4 cards off a red card
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    Not sure if you like the game based world, but it has been in and out of my head. Here's some Ampryn League Ideas. They seem to make sense with the Ampryn card from origins. (Council hall should say "cards in your hand" not "cards")
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    Again, I would add those cards to the set if the set had premium enabled. They're well-designed cards.
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    Bwhahahaha SO MANY USELESS DESIGNS BWHAHAHAHA--Checkmate and Underdog seem like it'd be a fun thing.
  • Actually CMC on last hope should probably be doubled
  • @brcien
    They would, if I could add other people's cards to the set. And no, @ThyMaster is the original creator of the set, not me.
  • XD I'm just goofing around. Those are fun to make compared to scouring for MesoAmerican stuff
  • @Undella bump with cards
  • @brcien
    That is certainly a surprise...
  • --Random Vryn story, feel free to ignore--

    "Hey, Parien. Got any more of the meat left?" I asked before a hard sniff. We'd been out in the muddy garbage dumps for days, waiting to jump a force of Ampryn mages we weren't even sure were coming, but we trusted our general and were willing to work for a better future. I would sit out here for a year if it meant my little girl wouldn't be talked down to by those pigs.

    "Yeah but not much." he said as he wadded through the marsh, "This is looking like a false call. We will probably be getting a new assignment any time now."

    There were about a dozen of us sitting around thumb tweedling. Gestero was an older guy, who croaked in response,"Old Darmiken is probably a little off. He is letting all the losses get to them."

    Parien handed me some meat, wiped grease from his hand, adjusted his helmet, then threw in, "I was thinking the same thing. Ever since Miv fell, some of his calls were pretty questionable. Did you know he sent more soldiers up north? They were already doing nothing!"

    "North huh?" a smug voice said as mage jumped from behind us and slung a construct bear trap onto one of our guys arms. We all immediately were in battle poses. Bear trap guy got shot down by two or three spells shot by instinct, his body falling into the muck.

    Two more guys, in white armor that changed to invisible in the brush, dashed out and shot off as many spells as they could before they went down. Parien was still nest to me. He had fired off some sort of void spell. I had a ball of fire drifting in my hand.

    Five more popped out. One pushed Jovi into the water with a vine. Kreio slung a blade blade that missed one of them, who in turn shot off a black gas that began burning Horvin's skin away. I threw my ice spell and froze one of them. Lightning bolts and wind blasts and fire blasts and water slashes and teleportations and all sorts of spell slinging went on until all of the Ampryns had become corpses floating in the water, along with more than half of our men. Overall though, we had stopped an advance that could have taken out whole towns.

    "Finally!" a voice said from the treeline said, which made everyone jump into battle position again. A Separtist ranger stepped out, "They were there for a while, but it looked like they were just going to pass."

    "Well thanks for telling us," The first man hit said as he sloshed over to someone to get help removing the bear trap from his arm.

    "Yeah yeah yeah sorry, but we got bigger beasts to fry." he said with an air of superiority. "They're striking hard in the North, but we have plenty enough guys up there. Darmiken thinks they were trying to get us to fumble over there then strike down at Gyeta. Since we had men ready up there, we have the breathing room to get people like you to cut them off before they get to Gyeta, assuming they're actually there."

    Someone audibly sighed. I sniffed the snot back into my nose. We were tired and bug bitten and bored and sleepy. Parien, head of our squad, said with fake enthusiasm, "Welp, let's get going!"
  • @Undella2 what are your thoughts on Vryn? You seem pretty devoted to the thread.
  • Sorry guys I haven't been on and probably won't be for another week. I'm on vacation but as you might have seen I tried to get a bunch of burn onto the set before I left
  • @ThyMaster
    You need to add P/T to the mono-red human wizard.

    I don't like sets dying without a ever seeing a whole lot of support.
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    What do we need for the set? I can help makes some cards now that I'm back from family stuff and most management of our contest.

    I also made some lands that you could put into the set if you want.

  • @modnation675
    Cool cards!

    (It's a shame that Vryn doesn't have premium anymore)
    (It's also a shame that I really don't feel like entering any more contests right now)
  • @modnation675
    Lol, no problem. Is it around the end of a school term for you currently? A lot of cardsmiths have been feeling exhausted by them as well.
  • @modnation675 If you didn't hear, we were thinking of an archangel mythic creature that would have synergy with enchantments. I feel like that is something you would want to make.
  • @modnation675
    Yes, I'm on my last few days of school right now. Pretty much all my teachers had the great idea of making everything due three days before school gets out, so I've been having to do a lot of work recently.
  • Definitely is tough at this time of year in regards to workload, so I'm really glad that you're quite active on the forums. :)

    As for the card, I'll be looking for the best artwork for the card then I'll start on it.

    Also, sorry for not being on today (Yesterday!) as I had a late night and went out with the family.
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    Since I am currently jammed with schoolwork, I'll have to write down all my card ideas, then post a flood of cards after the year... Found this fan art for MTG basic lands, and I thought this would be great for either enchantments, or just plain basic lands... Kudos to you if you do something other than make basic lands with these artworks! (Maybe a unique spin on artifact lands... xp)

    Island - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yZXoQ
    Forest - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zkrZQ
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    Enchantment matters for white
  • I made an enchantment themed angel awhile ago, but it's more of a tech card.

  • Here's a mechanic idea.
    Boost (the name can be changed) - [blank] for each Aura attached to this creature.
    For example: This creature gets +1/+1 for each Aura attached to it.
    Or: At the beginning of your upkeep, tap target creature for each Aura attached to this creature.
  • @ThyMaster
    I don't think we need an enchantment mechanic when we already have a theme for enchantments.

    By the way, did you add P/T to that red wizard yet?
  • Power/toughness?
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