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    You copy and paste the name and other text into another document.
    You find the art again.
    Delete the card.
    Remake the card with power and toughness.
    Paste in the name and other text.
    It's now the same as before, but it can actually attack and block.
  • Ok. I will when I get back
  • imageimage

    So, in my theology of Vryn(SOMEONE ELSE MAKE STUFF XD I FEEL SPAMMY), the Arbiters are interesting. Since Vryn is a world of game, their job and drive is to keep the game going. I'm not sure if they were well known in the storyline, but I think it would make more sense if they were usually secret since then people wouldn't even try to fight. Since they seem implied to be powerful, it would make sense to me that they be key to the story.
    Why is the game so important to keep going and why would I base my ideas on them? I think this line of thought means that the mage rings and Vryn's magic are created by the intellectual warfares. So, those most adept with it must keep it continuing. I think it's a neat idea.
  • @brcien
    Do you have the actual account info?
    I can send it to you if you want.
    Because the set doesn't have premium anymore, so every card made for it has to be made in the set.
  • I don't have it. I would post the cards there, but would like to get lead's ok for each card, especially since most of my cards are geared toward a very specific idea for the plane.
  • @brcien
    Even though ThyMaster is the "Lead", I'm the one who gives out the account info.

    Do you want it?
  • Um sure
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  • I'd like to join, but I can't find the list of cards for the set. Could someone link it please?
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    There weren't any blue mythics yet, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I wanted it to give a feel of going in, doing the mission, and reporting back. Also, sorry about the art, there's no good shapeshifter art

    EDIT: It should say enter, not enters; just noticed
  • Just found some beautiful old school MTG artwork, so we had to make the following. (Especially for Pauper!)

  • I just read the origins story for Jace and my synopsis of Vryn seems more or less spot on. It is a game of chess. Arbiters keep both sides just close enough to winning that they keep fighting. A few notes though. The Arbiters are two faced. They claim to be treaty makers but they obviously don't mind getting blood on their hands if they can hide it, which they can. Also, the assumption I made of why the war had to continue was wrong. Jace's family and thousands others are poor miners that energize the rings. The reason the war must continue is supposedly so that one of the highly powerful states don't decide to slash and burn since whatever they see they could soon have if they play right.
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    You know you can get on the account now, right?

    Hey, @Stormtide, do you want the account info?
  • Sorry for the major delay in regards to the Archangel card. I'll see if I can determine some ideas in the next few days.
  • @Undella2 Yes, please. Does it work just like adding something to my own set, or is there something special?
  • I still really like Underdog in a set with something like Checkmate. Here's an archangel idea--@modnation675 feel free to use the art when you make one if you want
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    @Stormtide You would make cards on the Vryn account rather than your account and add them to their respective sets. (Sorceries, instants, green cards, red cards, etc.)
    @brcien I love the idea! We are probably gonna make the card a legendary with a name and stuff though.
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    May you re-send us the account details for Vryn?

    Edit: Never mind as I found the message with the details.
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    Underdog seems almost too restrictive I'd pick one or say "or" instead of "and". Also, I think it has to mention that this works for ties
  • @Stormtide
    Same thing we mentioned, but brcien thinks otherwise.
  • @Stormtide I do think otherwise, but we would have to play test(if it sucked in play test I would drop it XD). In modern, taking the first turn and dropping a shock land already has it active. It seems too easy to trigger considering the power spike these cards would have. They would be cards that should flip the game on its head, so maybe I should go more wide with it. Also, it definitely seems like a build around mechanic.
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    It's supposed to be activate-able as such. It's a benefit to losing/paying life, which is a great idea. The swing doesn't have to be insane as it feels unfair if it's too strong.

    In regards to hand size, playing first is already a disadvantage for most decks.
  • @modnation675 Yeah the two I have designed aren't busted since I do realize how easy it could be to trigger. The Red card is kinda a win con but it requires other setup. The white one is just a beater, which requires enchantments to be good and nombos with Underdog. If you're playing against affinity and you have two underdog cards in hand, you probably do just lose, but against most other decks in just about any format I can think of, you would probably be able to reach it pretty easily.
  • @brcien
    I can see that I can't change your opinion and that's understandable. Although it has practically become a consensus among other users at this point.

    I'd just recommend not requesting adding it to other sets unless you're willing to re-design it.
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