Desecration - Season 2

Hi everyone, after the success I had with Desecration Season 1, I have decided to continue with Desecration season 2. Inspired by @TrippleBoggey3's "anything goes" challenge I am making a continuing bunch of challenges in this thread. From the time of this post anybody can post 1 card in the next 24 hours that fits the theme of Desecration. They can be destroying creatures, destroying lands, using opponents' energy to destroy their life force... after 24 hours I will award each card Desecration Points (DP) based on how much I like it. Then everyone can submit another card and the process will continue for 2 weeks, (14 rounds).

When the contest finishes, I will give everyone favourites for every 5 DP they obtain. In addition I will follow the person with the most.

Round 1 starts now.



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