Finish It Off - Season 1

This challenge is based off @Jyagaimasu's Desecration challenge which is based off @TripleBoggey3's Anything Goes challenge. If you don't know what this is, at the start of each day, I will give the cards a rating out of 5, and you will go on the leaderboard. Points add up each day.

Each day I will put up a comment with either flavour text, a picture, name, abilities or anything, and you will have to make a card which has that in it. Cards will be marked on how interesting they are, how well it fits in with what I have given you, picture and flavour text(unless I have already given you that).
You have a maximum of 1 entry per day.
Final Judging will be around the start of June...ish.

For each 4 points, I will favourite one of your cards at the end.
First place gets a follow and 3 extra favourites.
Second place gets a follow and 2 extra favourites
Third place gets a follow and 1 extra favourite.


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