Alignment Creature Cycle

So I'm designing a nine card cycle of the different alignments (as Elemental Incarnations) and coming up with colors is difficult. The following is what I currently have.

Lawful good: ???
Neutral good: GW
Chaotic good: ???
Lawful neutral: UW
True neutral: ???
Chaotic Neutral: ???
Lawful evil: WB
Neutral evil: ???
Chaotic evil: BR

If anyone has recommendations, I am open to suggestions. This is a cycle I really want to make, but I want to have everything in line before I start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Would this make sense? (Edited.)

    Color Identity: Lawful, Neutral, Evil, Good, Chaotic;

    Lawful good: GW
    Neutral good: GU
    Chaotic good: RG
    Lawful neutral: WU
    True neutral: U
    Chaotic Neutral: UR
    Lawful evil: WB
    Neutral evil: UB
    Chaotic evil: BR
  • I think you start with opposing pairs so Good = White, Evil = Black. Chaos = Red, Blue = Law. That leaves Green as Neutral. So it makes it Lawful Good is Blue White, Neutral Good is Green White, Chaotic Good is Red White. Lawful Neutral is Blue Green, True Neutral is Green. Lawful Evil is Blue Black, Neutral Evil is Green Black, Chaotic Evil is Red Black. Whichever color scheme feels right to you. The main thing is that diametrically opposed alignments like Lawful Good and Chaotic Evil don't share colors, and feel like they would be fighting not cooperating.
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    It seems that there is a widespread agreement that red is the chaotic. My big issue has basically been, going forward since the last time I entertained this idea, defining law as blue or white, and good as green or white. That's been my biggest issue, though @Biblio4 is onto something with diametrically opposed alignments not matching.
  • law is white
  • @Lujikul
    Does this work...
  • I've tried to puzzle through this one before. The key wrinkle is that you're trying to reconcile a 5-variable system (five colors of mana) with a 3-variable system (the three alignments along the order track and morality track). There's no way those can match up perfectly cleanly, since there's nine alignment configurations and ten 2-color mana configurations.

    @Biblio4 's model is a good approach, but it includes mono-green and cuts out Izzet and Orzhov. What's the reasoning for dropping those enemy-color pairs when you keep Golgari, Simic, and Boros? And why should green get five alignments when every other color gets three?

    Besides general incompatibility, there is the issue of the color green. While you can make good arguments for the other colors matching certain alignments, green as an identity doesn't play by the same rules, so it's hard to pin down. @modnation675 tried to make it Good, presumably since it's associated with life and growth, but that gives weird results. Are the Simic really Neutral Good? Momir Vig was planning to commit genocide, which is not very Good in my book. Similarly, the Gruul end up being placed as Chaotic Good. I have a hard time describing Xenagos or Borborygmus as Good in any capacity. Making green to be Neutral makes a little more sense to me, but it's still not a perfect fit, plus it leads to the aforementioned color imbalance.

    TL;DR: This can't work out nicely. Biblio's arrangement is probably the best you can do.
  • Question.... where is colorless on your scale of good and evil?
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    Undefined, does not compute. XD
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    My messed up list.

    White Black: Lawful Evil
    Blue Black: Lawful Evil

    Colorless (artifact doesn't count because it's not a living thing): Chaotic/Neutral Evil
    Black Green: Neutral Evil

    Black Red: Chaotic Evil

    Red Green: Chaotic Neutral
    Blue Red: Chaotic Neutral

    Green White: Neutral Good

    White Blue: Lawful Good
    Red White: Lawful/Chaotic Good
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