Halp! (Account Page 404, Can't Find Planeswalker Editor)

It seems I have destroyed the multiverse...

Okay. While it's not that bad, I do have some terrible news. While idk if this is a problem on computers, my account page 404'd!

Along with this, I can't find the Planeswalker editor. Halp!


  • Good news is I found my account page and the planeswalker editor. However, there is still apparently a problem somewhere.
  • We're gonna get the ferrets out on this issue, to see what they can find!
  • What link did you click to get there? I think we removed the /home designation a bit ago, so I'll just need to update the links. Please let me know if you remember where you were.
  • I was actually at the home page in both of these cases, iPad mobile version.
  • Kindle fires still offer the "home" button, which 404s as well. I just found a different button to press.
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