Fall of Ravnica/City of Ruin Cards

Hello, everyone. As many of you may know, I am working on building a set called Fall of Ravnica. This is a card feedback thread where the community can give suggestions on how to balance the cards, how to make them fit the flavour of the guild better, etc. Any help is much appreciated.

In order for some of the design choices to make more sense, I feel that it's best if I post a summary of the story I had in mind in this thread.

Tezzeret manipulates the Guildpact, using Bolas' influence to make small exceptions to its rules. With those exceptions, Tezzeret takes control of the Dimir and helps them infiltrate the Azorius Senate. Corrupting Isperia under the guise of an advisor, the Dimir begin oppressing the Izzet and Simic, deeming their experiments as "Too dangerous for the good of Ravnica." Tezzeret then shifts his focus to the Rakdos, promising them the overthrow of the Azorius if they help him. They agree, and the Dimir use the threat of an attack from the Rakdos to further oppress the other guilds. The Golgari are being sought out by the Azorius, Boros, Dimir, and Rakdos, all for their different purposes, but they remain mostly uninvolved. Meanwhile, Tezzeret begins supplying the guildless with weapons, planning to use their numbers to kill the guilds' leaders. Domri Rade leads the Gruul in an attack on the Azorius, seeing that their oppression has gone too far. The Orzhov see the chaos as an opportunity to gain influence, and they begin taxing the Azorius to the point of being subservient to both the Dimir and the Orzhov. Caught between two evils, Isperia is killed by her 'advisor' for following the Orzhov. Despite being supplied by Tezzeret, many of the guildless are turning to the Selesnya for promises of peace and security. Because of this, Tezzeret leads an attack on the Selesnya and tries to destroy the Dimir from the inside.

This will mainly come into play when nonblack guilds have black hybrid mana in some of their costs. This will only happen with the 'Corruption' subtype, but that might become fairly common.

Anyway, here are my current cards for the set:


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