Anybody want to help out a fellow smith?

I'm looking for people interested in designing cards for a set of mine. I'm also open if you already have a card that qualifies. I don't suggest you look at the other discussions for Ghettash. They were rather sloppy. Simply submit your cards below (or PM me if you want an insider deal) and I'll submit them for review. I ask that you have proper wording and grammar (I'm a bit of a stickler for rulings and words) which I can help with. Im good at confusing wording.


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    The lowdown of Ghettash. The official Guide to Ghettash, if you will

    A guide to Ghettash. A City of Knowledge, Power, and Secrets (updating)
    RWU Alterra-A mage group seeking to rule Ghettash in order to create the "perfect" civilization and attain what they call "True Mastery". This is believed to be the highest level of enlightenment among Alterran mages.

    WUB Hultaria-A faction loosely based upon the mafia. They have a debt on practically everyone in the city. They always collect. If you think you've got nothing to lose, keep in mind, you always have a soul. They love their prisons, and take great pride in them. They lead several smuggling rings for many contraband items and promise all customers that they can "pay us back later".

    GRB Glatorians- A faction derived on brute force. They only wish to drive the other factions out with simple predatory instinct. They rely on short term thinking, and are never afraid to get their hands dirty. A ruthless and feared faction universally.

    BUG [TITLE PENDING]- Ruthless corrupt necromancers who have been mostly driven out by the recently formed Glatorians. Surprise for them later ;)

    RWG [TITLE PENDING]- A group of city outcasts and daily citizens. They joined Selenia in her crusade to end the tyranny of the other 4 factions. They simply wish to make Ghettash a better place.
    Notable Locations:
    Rogue's Alley- hideout for the rebellion. Entrance is hidden through a special brick.
    Tunnels of Liberation- rebellion tunnels that lead "everywhere but nowhere".
    Palace of Tithes- Hultarian bank in stone district. Common location for deals.
    The Arcane Atheneum- The Alterran library/laboratory in the stone district.
    "The Pit"- Glatorian Coliseum in the stone district.
    Smuggler's Den- the most famous tavern in Ghettash. Located in the stone district.
    Stone district (colorless)- run by a private militia who keeps faction presence low.
    Dusk Falls district (BU)- A waterfront district commonly used for Hultarian smuggling.
    Important figures:
    Aleeras, the liberator-Leader of the rebellion. Creator of the tunnels of liberation.
    Talgan, militia captain-Captain of the stone militia. Has a deep hatred for the factions.
    Amara, mistress of masks-A rebel illusionist. She specializes in creating disguises
    Nadya, dust dealer-An alchemist and assassin for hire. She capitalizes on misery.
    Selenia- Protagonist angel from serra's realm, and later Innistrad, and now Ghettash.
    Zoriark, lost disciple- An ex Alterran monk who denied the mastery.
    Resha- a legendary (now deceased) freedom fighter from the W/U district.
    Crestin Rowls- a faithful scout of Selenia's faction
    Faction mechanics:
    RWG (name pending)- None
    BUG (name pending)- Wither (existing)
    RWU Alterra- Ironcast X (When this creature enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice an artifact. If you do, put X +1/+1 counters on this creature)
    GRB Glatorians- None
    WUB Hultaria- Extort (existing)
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    I'll help. I just need ideas
  • I'll help too, a starting thread will greatly help though.
  • So Selenia is a planeswalker? Might want to make that clear.
    What races are present in each faction? Is the wildlife relevant? Do factions have specific keywords or abilities they use?
  • Please do not put the gatewatch in. They have been in to many sets lately so it would be nice if they took a break.
  • @ASubtleGhost could you be more specific please? I'm willing to help, I just don't know exactly what your asking for

    @TheClayKnight I absolutely thought I had included the faction mechanics in the guide. Allow me to add those. As for Selenia, yes. She is the first angel planeswalker. I meant for this to be implied by the fact that she is from Serra's realm originally, and eventually Innistrad as well.

    @SpiritDragon I have absolutely no intent of including the Gatewatch in the storyline. It's difficult to include mainstream characters at all, so I'd rather stray from that path. Even in Selenia's backstory she wasn't an important figure of any kind. As if she was, it would be odd that she wasn't mentioned in the storyline.

    Overall, thanks for the help. If examples of cards are needed, here's all the cards I've created so far for the set.

    As I move the story along, develop new mechanics, and simply make changes and decisions, I will be sure to update this discussion.
  • One more note, each faction would have 1 returning mechanic, and 1 original mechanic. The Hultaria also operate off of "tax counters". A very prominent trait among their cards.
  • @Thatcardartist7 Examples were the info needed. Many thanks, I'll start production soon.
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    Should we post cards here or while you create an alt account for the plane that everyone can access. Other people can't add to the set and since you are premium you can't add other's cards.
  • Will this be a 2 or 3 set block?
  • And who are the walkers aside from Selenia?
  • @SpiritDragon
    I plan to get premium soon. I'm having troubles with funds right now, but 5 dollars a month can't be too difficult. Add them here for now, and I'll add them to the set when I get premium.

    We are still working on the number of sets in the block. If anyone has a suggestion, feel welcome to state so.

    No walkers have yet been established other than Selenia.
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    You should join our contest then.
    Build a God, a Bear?
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    Is this list correct for the cards:
    Catastrophic Vortex
    Prodigal Ringmage
    Academy Guardian
    Sift for Knowledge
    Disciple of Flames
    Alterra Heatmage

    Priest of Taxation
    Soul Extraction

    Bloodthirsty Ravager
    Emerge Victorious
    Self Armament
    Battle Fanatic
    Bandit's Rock Champion

    Vile Summoner
    Shambling Knight
    Tower Necroknight

    Selenia's Verdict

    I can't tell where the other ones go
    Please complete
    Also Prowess is evergreen so It doesn't count also you don't need reminder text for it.
  • @Thatcardartist7
    To me Ironcast seems a little underpowered. Having to sacrifice an entire artifact for only one counter seems pretty bad. Maybe these suggestions might help?
    1. Add numbers such as in monstrosity. This makes chances for some to really powerful while others are just idle commons.
    Ironcast 3 - (When this creature enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice any number of artifacts, if you do, put X +1/+1 counters on this creature where X is the number sacrificed times three.)
    2. Not just have it be +1/+1 counters. You could include other effects as well.
    Ironcast - (When this creature enters the battlefield you may sacrifice X artifacts, if you do, draw X cards.)
  • @SpiritDragon
    I'm currently making folders for each faction. You can find the complete list there (not all cards belong to a faction). Also, thank you for reminding me that prowess is in fact evergreen. I will be sure to update the guide. I'm considering using rebound or something to that effect.

    Ironcast is intended to have the numbers (reference the guide). If no number is present, just a single counter is intended. As for your second suggestion, certain cards are supposed to include things like "whenever you sacrifice an artifact, draw a card" to be able to stack triggers and create a larger benefit. As a side note, I made a mistake in the guide in saying "sacrifice X artifacts" it is now adjusted to use the proper terminology.

    Thank you all for the input. Keep on forging.
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    How's this for Selenia
  • @SpiritDragon
    So it can prevent all damage that would be done to itself, while gaining loyalty. Definitely overpowered!
  • Oh I didn't think of that, I'll change that
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    1st ability: Until your next turn, prevent all damage that would be dealt to another source of your choice.
    --> Otherwise, you could just skip your upkeep forever and never take damage.
    2nd ability: You gain twice X life.
    3rd ability: Destroy up to two target creatures. Then up to two target creatures you control get +2/+2, flying and lifelink until end of turn.
    --> The ability feels tacked on a bit.
  • How's this for the backstory:
    Selenia was an angel like any other on Serra's plane, except for the fact that she wanted to go to the other planes. She voiced this desire to the other angels, but they thought her idea was insane. She did everything in her power to get of of the plane. The other angels kept her under constant surveillance and in a last desperate attempt to escape she attacked her guards. They vastly overpowered her, but her spark ignited at the last moment and she escaped to Innistrad where she found other angels.

    Those angels however turned out to be partially insane. They caused destruction wherever they went and hated all other forms of life. Selenia greatly disturbed by this swore that she would never directly harm any being unless they were assaulting another being or herself. She then teleported to Ghettash where she joined the rebellion.

    Selenia quickly rose through the ranks of the rebellion due to her power and willingness to end the oppression that was put on the rebellion because like them she believed that everyone should be equal in the social status.
  • @modnation675
    Thank you. This wording is perfect. This will likely be the first of two Selenia walkers. The second of course being the colors of her faction.

    I also neglected to touch upon the fact commons and uncommons are needed more than rares or mythics. People tend to simply prefer making rares and mythics (especially legendaries) because it feels more unique. But a set isn't a set without its commons and uncommons.
  • @SpiritDragon
    Apologies for not replying. Your message wasn't showing up in the discussion.
    This backstory is well made. Unfortunately, I've already created Selenia's full backstory. See here. When Urza transported the angels through the interplanar portal, her spark ignited. She ended up in Innistrad. After the events of Avacyn's madness, she was scarred permanently, save Emrakul's corruption. When a dear friend of hers, a human from the order of Saint Traft, was killed by one abomination of Emrakul, a long forgotten unmastered spark reignited, sending her to Ghettash.
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