Edit another persons card?

Hello, first of all thanks for the awesome website. I read through the FAQ on premium, but can't find my exact question.

If I get premium can I edit another persons card and save it as my own?
or can I view a cards background image (or url) independently?

Thank you for your time. I really like the pictures some cards use, but I'm building these for D&D so I need to edit the text. If anything guess I'll download each card and crop the picture, but hoping I don't have to do that.


  • Fortunately, people cannot edit other people's cards. It would lead to lots of hateful vandalism/deletion, which nobody would like. However, if the cardsmith responsibly put in the artist, this allows other users to create cards just like it!

    All you need to do is locate the artist, search through his/her personal works, and find the art in particular. Then, you can copy and paste the card information into your new card. And, of course, credit the artist.
  • Hello, I would hope editing another persons card wouldn't alter the original if this feature is ever added. It would just bring up the raw data and allow you to alter and save your own version.

    Thank you for the tip on the artist section.
  • @currier
    I can't imagine them allowing users to post edits of other people's cards without barriers. This would result in a lot of distasteful uses rather than the intended purpose.
  • If you ever need help finding artwork though, people are usually willing to help you reverse search for the artwork source.
  • @currier - Welcome to the site!
    You asked...
    If I get premium can I edit another persons card and save it as my own?
    There is no way for you to edit another person's card and save it as your own. You can add any card to a set that you have made, but there are no plans in the works to allow someone to edit another cardsmith's cards.

    Can I view a cards background image (or url) independently?
    The background images aren't saved, even for Premium members who want to edit their own cards. That means, each time someone wants to edit a card, they have to upload the image.

    Here is a great source for artwork

    And if you're making D&D Spells, you may want to look up the names, as a few people have already tried their hand at this!
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    Thank you for the replies. Much appreciate the tutorial and other tips. So far I have 208 favorite cards from other authors!

    When the project is complete I'll make sure to share the complete compilation and printable sheets if anyone is interested.

    PS here's a link rough draft printable sheet http://imgur.com/a/vKdDF as you can see my formatting is quite a bit different than everyone elses (I did Mirror Image). It would be so nice to be able to edit the text easily as you can see, or have instant access to the background image.

    PPS here's a link to D&D reddit for me to share the project, I have a list of spells and if they have a picture or not. Looking for some help if anyone sees a few on the spells on the list you think a MTG card would look good with. like "Phantasmal Killer" doesn't have art yet, even one spell spell would be much appreciated :)
  • @Currier
    Yeah, people don't mind others re-uploading for personal uses such as printing, new artwork or different set symbols. It's mainly just to prevent unnecessary duplication on the site.
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