Make a planeswalker cards and make the lore behind it.

The title said everything.


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    @cleriyou - Shouldn't this be in the Contests and Challenges category? If so, how many entries per smith? Is there a deadline? Are old cards allowed?
  • @TenebrisNemo First, isn't a competition is just for fun, second you can make many entries you want(as long you don't spam of course), there isn't a deadline and old cards are allowed(as long as they're cool ;) )
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    @cleriyou No encouragement such as a prize or something like that? Goodbye.
  • This is a very old planeswalker and his lore which I created for a contest a long time ago. His name is Kyle Tarcur and he is a werewolf planeswalker.


    Lore of Kyle:

    Kyle was a poor boy in the city of Thraben. He used to live with his sick mother, Mira, in the streets and alleys of the capital, begging for money or stealing it from the people of Thraben at young age so he could buy food for himself and for his sick mother. According to Kyle's mother, his father was a werewolf hunter who got killed by multiple werewolves in a nearby village before Kyle was born. Mira moved into Thraben when Kyle was an infant, but she never told the reason why they moved away from the village. When Kyle was 9 years old, his mother passed away, for she has been sick for many years and even though Kyle tried to bring her to a doctor, Mira refused.

    Not knowing what to do, the young boy packed everything he had in the alley and began to search for the village where he was born. He left the walls of Thraben for the first time in his life, and didn't prepare for the night. He was sleeping right next to the road until he heard a howl. A werewolf was running towards Kyle and he was standing there in fear, watching as the savage creature was charging towards him.

    Right at the moment when the werewolf was going to make a blow, Kyle dodged and started to run into the forest. He heard as the werewolf was chasing him, so he climbed on top of a tree. Kyle has been climbing on the buildings of Thraben, so climbing on top of a tree was easy. The werewolf didn't find Kyle, who was watching it from the tree. Eventually the creature found something else to chase and ran away. Then Kyle started to move down from the tree to get his bag, but when he was hanging on a branch, it broke and Kyle fell down to the hard ground and lost consciousness.

    When Kyle woke up, he was in a house with bandages on his head, lying on a bed. He doesn't remember the last time when he slept on a soft, clean, warm bed. The morning sun was rising outside and the room was slightly dusty but still neat. It was probably a guest room. He could hear and smell as someone was cooking in another room. Then the door opened right before him. A middle aged woman was carrying a plate with soup on it. She was delighted to see Kyle awake at last. She gave Kyle a spoon, the soup and told him to eat it so he will feel better.

    The woman introduced herself to be lady Oona Tarcur. She told Kyle how his husband found Kyle lying in the forest with a wound on his head last night near their farm. Her husband brought Kyle into their home and Oona started to bandage the wound on Kyle's head. Then they put Kyle into the guestroom and waited until morning.

    Then a middle aged man comes into the room. He laughs as he sees that the boy is still breathing. He introduces himself to be Roy Tarcur, husband of Oona. Then the two asked Kyle's name and asked how he ended up into the forest in that condition. When Kyle revealed that he is an orphan boy from Thraben, Roy and Oona stared silently at each other for a moment. They left the room and started to mumble right behind the door. Kyle couldn't figure out what they were talking about so he started to eat the rest of the soup from his plate.

    When Roy and Oona came back to the room few minutes later, Roy asked if Kyle wants to live with them and their two children, Jaxon and Tia. They could always use extra hands in the farm and they would give Kyle food to eat, clothes to wear and a roof where he can live under. Kyle couldn't be any happier. These people seem to be like his distant, good relatives. He promised to help in the farm when he gets better.

    And so Kyle settled in the home of Tarcurs. After some time, Oona and Roy adopts Kyle so he becomes one of the Tarcurs. Over the years he works in the farm with his foster family and visits the capital from times to time. He sometimes walks into the wilds, so he can observe the wolves and even werewolves from trees, for he is fascinated by these creatures and wants to understand why his father hunted them. He has even learned some spells which only Kessigers know about while being in the wilds. Sometimes their home farm is being attacked by a wolf or a werewolf and the family has to fight against them.

    When Kyle was 13 years old, he wanders to the wilds as usually after the day's work. But this time his foster sister, Tia, tries to follow him, for she is curious to watch what Kyle does after these years. However, she gets lost because Kyle is deeper within the wilds than she suspected, and she can't find back home. After Kyle has returned home, he hears from his foster brother, Jaxon that their sister is not home. So Kyle and Jaxon goes into the forest to search for Tia while their parents are in the farm, wondering where are their children. Jaxon takes two pitchforks with him, "just in case", according to him.

    It was getting dark and the two boys were in the wilds. Kyle was leading the way, for he has been wandering around there more than anyone else in the farm. Then they hear a girl's scream nearby. They follow the noise and sees as Tia is trying to hide from a werewolf.

    This werewolf looks more dangerous than the others which have attacked the farm. Kyle draws the predator's attention to himself and tells his foster brother to get Tia to safety. The werewolf then tries to attack Kyle's foster sister, but Kyle comes into its way and hits the creature with the pitchfork. The werewolf howls and chases Kyle, who was running into a forest opening.

    He fights the predator and injures its leg, but then it becomes angrier than before. The creature scratches Kyle's head and he falls to the ground and drops his pitchfork. Then werewolf is about to bite Kyle's arm off, but he manages to take the pitchfork and stab the predator's heart with it.

    The werewolf dies at the moment it bites Kyle's hand. Its strong and sharp teeth penetrates his flesh and he feels burning pain in his arm. Kyle opens the dead lycanthrope's jaws and kicks its head away from the arm. He feels sick, as if he's about to throw up. Everything around him becomes red as he transforms under the rising full moon. His planeswalker spark also ignites in the horror which he is witnessing: He is transforming into a werewolf. He planeswalks into another plane and loses consciousness.

    Kyle wakes up in a strange world. He sees as the morning sun rises and dragons are flying above in the skies. He can't get up; everywhere hurts. He feels like as if he has fought in a war for the entire night. Then he looks around and sees few corpses. Green humanoids and a small dragon hatchling have been mauled by a werewolf. Kyle didn't know what those creatures are. Then someone was walking from the distance to Kyle's direction.

    A long haired man with a staff came to see what killed this young dragon.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    Man that some very cool lore, i'm just sorry that I can't give anything. But the long haired man is it Sarkhan(?) and how did you put your cards without the link like just the image?
  • Yes, the long haired man is indeed Sarkhan. The creator of the contest gave me the protagonist's name (Kyle) and wanted the story have some friends/mentors who would have been other existing planeswalkers. Unfortunately, this was all I managed to write before the deadline back then.

    And, for the cards, I used this helpful brief guide of @modnation675:
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    This is my first custom card which is a kind of an alter ego that reflect my experience with mtg. It was hard to find the color philosophy, but I think it reflect it.
    So basic this is Cleriyou in is earlier form
    Cleriyou Dauray lived at Kabira as simple cleric, praying angels to gave the power required for the wounded and bless Zendikar. One day, the general Tazri and her army came for conscripting men who can still fight the eldarzi and got enroled. During their campaign, Cleriyou saw the horror that eldrazi left behind: the land wasted with nothing to growth.
    “How they can do such devastation?” Cleriyou wondered.
    “By draining the mana in the land.” Explain a soldier.
    “Is there a way to restore those land?”
    “Meaby with druid’s magic or something like this, but for now we have this war to end.” Reply the soldier while he looks not like interested into the discussion. After days of travel, the army finally arrived at Sea Gate for the battle against Ulamog and Kozilek. Eventually, the Gatewatch was created to kill the two eldrazi titan and went to Innistrad, but they left the Zendikari along choose their future. At the fall of the titan, the army divided and everyone return to their normal live, except Cleriyou. He was worried about many thing: what remains of Zendikar? What does look like the other planes? Is it worth it to stay at Zendikar? All those question is answered with an emptiness, but the call of the duty remains. Eldrazi that remains were hunted to the last but the number of eldrazi did not decrease. One night when the generals decide to celebrate their eldrazi hunt, they paid the round at the tavern. Cleriyou didn’t drink or even participate the party in any ways.
    “It’s their party and I didn’t participate the hunt.” Cleriyou thought while he was quitting the tavern.
    Suddenly from far away, he saw a white silhouette in the forest. She spokes to him
    “Come, if you want to be more then a simple healer, cleric” She said in his mind with a soft voice.
    Cleriyou looked back at the tavern while his general had fun and decided to follow the silhouette. After some minutes at the forest the silhouette cast a light spell, sending Cleriyou into a blinding light. When he opened his eye, he saw a world of pure white, of pure light.
    “Where are we?” Cleriyou asked.
    “We are outside of Zendikar, outside of time and space.” The white silhouette said.
    “Why you bring me here?” Cleriyou asked and the silhouette shine brighter to become something more: a angel.The angel was strangely small, but cute; She arrived at the neck of Cleriyou, even if Cleriyou was only five feet tall.
    “I’m here to give you a bless: a way to answer question.” The angel said
    Cleriyou seems confused.
    “How it’s possible, all the angel was dead when they fight the eldrazi.” Then the angel just laughed and replied
    “Silly human, angels are just physical manifestation of a holy spirit. Our spirit cannot die, we can be corrupted, but we’ll always restore ourselves. “
    “So, what is it?” Cleriyou said.
    “A spark.” She said while she was casting a spell.
    Cleriyou was send back to the forest at Zendikar confused, disappointed and angry to what just happened. Suddenly, a dire bear that been corrupted by the eldrazi charged to him. Cleriyou fill by emotion, sent a massive glare that blasted the abomination into cinder.
    “Is this the spark I got? Even if I’m not a knight, I’ll fight my cause rather than heal.” Cleriyou yelled, then he heard the angel’s voice again.
    “Patience, cleric. It’s almost over.” The angel said.
    A white light started to glow into Cleriyou and increased in power until Cleriyou disappear.
    And here is the beginning of Cleriyou’s journey.
  • Here's a planeswalker I made and her earlier creature form:

    Milara started off as an Oracle to the god Phenax on Theros. As his most trusted Oracle, she delivered Phenax's final decisions, and wielded his condemnation. However, she started to wonder what she was doing. At first, Phenax's commands were reasonable, but now he was beginning to ask for more and more death, and Milara was the only Oracle trusted enough to deliver such sentences.

    On one such request, she was tracking an Oracle of Heliod, when a small ripple appeared in the fabric of space in front of her. She prepared for anything. Out stepped a man.
    "Are you Milara, the Tracker of Phenax?" the strange man asked. Milara nodded cautiously.
    "My name is Ragnar, and I would ask a your assistance."
    Milara did not know how to respond. A strange man that stepped from a rift in space required her assistance? What could he need?
    "What kind of assistance?" She eyed him warily.
    Ragnar thought for a moment, staring off into the distance. "I've heard that you're a tracker, but also an Oracle to Phenax. Which means you can get me close to the gods."
    "And what need of you to be close to the gods?"
    Ragnar chuckled. "I intend to kill them."
    Milara drew her sword. What heresy was this man speaking? An open declaration of will to kill the gods was blasphemy, and worthy of death.
    "Those words are foul, and I will kill you where you stand if you don't reconsider," she replied coldly.
    Ragnar laughed. Milara didn't know how to feel about this man's lighthearted air and joking personality. It didn't suit a killer.
    "You know as well as I that they are corrupt, and if you don't, I can show you." A blue wave of magic leapt from Ragnar's hand, and suddenly, Milara's vision wasn't in the present. She was watching a scene she had seen years ago. Elspeth's demise. She watched again in horror, feeling the same despair she once felt, as Heliod plunged the Godsend into Elspeth's body. How had Ragnar accessed this memory?
    Suddenly, she was back in the present, and Ragnar was standing there, simply smiling. "You see? The gods are fearful, and in their fear, they are willing to kill innocents. I cannot let such recklessness walk this world."
    Milara couldn't tell why, but she knew he was right. She had always known.
    "What do you need from me?" she asked.
    "I need your eyes, your skill, and your sword. Let's go kill a god."

    And so Milara played deception against her own god. She was helping a stranger kill the pantheon.
    And so she tracked down Heliod first. Ragnar had agreed to kill Heliod first, as payback for Elspeth. Finding Heliod wasn't hard for Milara, and Ragnar's skills proved to be more than overwhelming for the god. As she watched from the shadows as Ragnar's skills obliterated Heliod, and soon erased him from the fabric of the plane, she knew what she was doing wasn't right. But neither was it wrong. It was only what had to be done.

    Soon enough, most of the Pantheon laid dead at Ragnar's feet, and Milara was the one who had helped him find them. Only three remained: Kruphix, Nylea, and Phenax. Milara felt it was time to settle an old score. Ragnar said that he would leave Nylea and Kruphix be. Over time, they would decay and take a mortal form as Theros' people abandoned them, but they would only retreat into the Wilds and would not harm people further. So Milara lead Ragnar to Phenax, and asked to fight with him. She was surprised at the rapidity with which Ragnar agreed.

    "Milara, why have you returned here after such a long time away?" Phenax questioned as she entered the sanctum.
    "I've come to realize that your power is false Phenax. And I'm here to right the wrongs you have done to me." She flung a spell at Phenax, and felt a strange power leap to her fingers as she cast it, and felt a ripple as her spell ripped through Phenax's shoulder. The god screamed in pain.
    "This is heresy!" Phenax yelled. Milara felt new strength, though, and she flung spells with new vigor.
    Phenax, in his rage, warped the reality around Milara. Too bad he had taught her all of his tricks. The floor reached up to box her in, but she stomped on the ground, and the illusion fell away. Phenax's face turned to dread as Milara launched another spell.
    Phenax moved to dodge, but Ragnar leapt into the room from a rift, and pushed Phenax back into the path of Milara's spell. As it hit, she could feel the god weaken. One more. Phenax, in such a sorry state, was huddled on the ground. He looked up and opened his mouth to speak. Milara sent her next spell right into his mouth, ripping him apart from the inside. Phenax was deception incarnate, and the greatest deception was with words.
    As she felt Phenax's anchor to the plane melt away, she could feel her power grow, and then a flash, and then...she was no longer on Theros.

  • Dam, a god hunter, that sounds powerfull.
  • I recently made a curse deck and so I decided to make a curse planeswalker to go with it. Her abilities are tied into enchantments so outside of a curse/enchantment deck she's pretty useless.
    At the moment I do not have a fully fleshed out lore. Most likely she will have an origin lore, much like the double sided Origin planeswalkers.


    Soteu Aglican was born to the plane of Tarkir as a member of the Temur Frontier, a clan known for it's savagery. At a young age, Soteu was climbing the ranks, and one of their best hunters. He was getting better at obliterating large beasts, like boars and large deer.
    In his middle life, he failed to protect his clan from a massive invasion from the Sultai Brood, after watching a massive Naga tear his family apart. This ignited his spark, obliterating the invading forces, as well as his own. He then met the ice cold void of nothingness. He thought he died, but no.
    He planeswalked to an unknown snowy plane, where he had his first encounter with the Eldrazi. Massive, creepy creatures that sucked the life force out of the plane. He wielded two maces, and battered the tentacle beasts out of their avatars. His eyes glowed blue, and his belt glowed the unholy blue as well.
    Over a course of about 30 years, he traveled from plane to plane, hunting their largest beasts, giving him the nickname "Godslayer" He met with other planeswalkers, such as Garruk Wildspeaker, and they became friends. They hunted together, but one dark day, they met, but Garruk was different. He wanted to hunt Soteu. They clashed, but Soteu prevailed, leaving Garrk on the brink of death.
    Soteu was an unsung hero. He battled the forces of Emrakul, Kozilek, and Ulamog on Zendikar, destroyed werewolves on Innistrad, and is now challenging Bolas in Amonkhet.
    (I drew the picture as well)
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    Well, you gotta know Star Wars...
    This picks up after Episode VI.
    After his victory over the Empire, Luke decided to rebuild the Jedi Order. He took on hundreds of students, in training to become the new defenders of the galaxy. However, ten years later, Ben Solo, the son of his best friend, Han Solo, gave in to the dark side and butchered the trainees. He attempted to kill Luke as well, so they dueled. Eventually, Luke had the kill blow in his hands, but he decided not to destroy him, so Ben swung the saber... and Luke's spark ignited. He decided to seek out the first Jedi Temple, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Oh, and I can't find good dragon art. I want to make a red/black dragon disciple of Bolas - who has the essence of Emrakul inside of him from a journey to Innistrad.
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