League of Legends-themed Set/Help with balance?

So I've recently started playing League of Legends, and as I'm also a big magic fan I've decided to make a LoL themed magic set.

I've made a couple of cards already, although balance is always an issue and I'd love for more suggestions...!

Each card is designed with not only the abilities of the champion, but also the flavor of the champion as well. As I play certain of these champions more than others, and to be honest some of these I've only ever played with or against and never personally, I'd love recommendations from other players as well!


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    These three cards in particular I'd like balance suggestions on.
  • Well, Anivia can die. I'd write her passive ability as 'when this creature dies, if its power is greater than zero, it gets -3/-0 until the end of your next turn.' That's just me... take my advice as you will.
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    I realized I needed to rephrase the second ability for clarification, but this might possibly be more balanced? Anivia in-game has the ability when killed to revive unless the egg that is left behind is killed.
  • I know how Anivia works. I studied League for two years in middle school. There are two main problems with this rework. 1--Anivia's egg has less health than she does. Making the egg a two toughness creature for a one toughness Anivia doesn't make any sense. 2--Anivia's egg can't attack. Why would a nonsentient egg have two power? It simply makes no sense.
  • Now, Thresh seems fairly balanced, but there is a minor nitpick I have with his first ability. Thresh's lantern can only be used by allies, and it gives a minor shield when activated. If you wanted to emulate this more closely, Thresh's lantern would only be able to target allied creatures and would give targeted creature +0/+1 until the end of combat next turn. Again, just my opinion. Take it as you will.
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    Edit: Nvm, links didn't work for some reason.
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    Sorry about the links, I realized I shouldn't link until I've finished editing as I'm not aware of a way to edit an already-published card, so I've been deleting/redoing them.
  • As far as Thresh goes, I've had to learn to balance the cards between what the actual abilities of the champion are and what would actually appear on a MTG official card. As +0/+1 is irrelevant to either of his abilities as combat damage is negated it would be largely redundant. Even a form of damage prevention as opposed to increased defense has the same issue.

    I tried to mix Dark Passage with Flay for the sake of simplicity in the card, as both can be used either offensively or defensively.
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    It's the same idea as with my first card, Kindred. Kindred's mark doesn't actually do anything to opposing champions, but in the way of Kindred placing a mark to target a creature it makes sense as far as the way a magic card would work.
  • Well, if it lasts until your next turn, +0/+1 isn't completely useless. Especially if Thresh needs to tap for his abilities.
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    I swear I looked FOREVER and I couldn't find the artist, sadly. I'm probably going to make a u/b regular kalista card soon too, btw

  • @Sullyman
    Did you use google images?
  • The Anivia you made doesn't look blue.
  • @modnation675 I looked up official riot artists and artists that did work for riot and couldn't find the one that made her skin
  • That Kalista is actually really interesting...!
    I hope you don't mind my remaking it slightly?

  • @Glasletter

    I like that kalista a lot, actually!

    Maybe we should make regular cards and make Bloodmoon versions of them, shifted to red a little?
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    It's simple and it works.


    Had to stretch the idea of his 3 cards.
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