Presence of the Masters

Remember this card?


I am a huge fan of enchantments. I think they're awesome. I like turning creature abilities into enchantments! Let's make more cards like this! Here is one I did!

Leonin Arbiter

Rules and Regulations
1. Cards should be new.
2. Cards should be like enchantress's presence: They should be the abilities of a creature on an enchantment.
3. Cards must be in the format of (Creature name)'s Presence (For example, if I did Dark Confidant, the card would be Confidant's presence)
4. Post a link to the original using the following code:
<a href="URL to the Card's gatherer or page">Cardname</a>

Third Place: 1 Favorite
Second Place: 3 Favorites
First Place: 5 Favorites

Ends September 2nd, 2017

Good Luck!


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